Monday 23 December 2013

Madhouse diaries : Festive fun at the zoo

Yesterday we headed off to see Father Christmas at our local zoo. We arrived just in time for the bears' feeding time.

The youngest of the two bears put on a great display, standing up on two legs and catching fruit in his mouth !

Then he braved the water - brrr !

And delighted the kids by putting his head underwater to retrieve the fruit that he missed then dribbling everywhere !

It was great to see a zoo animal actually having fun and looking happy.

We were amazed to see the otter out.

And the beaver - they're usually tucked away in their indoor enclosure.

The flamingos looked particularly vibrant on such a grey day.

The kids had fun in Santa's Forest with a snow machine, that made it all quite magical. It would be lovely to have some snow over Christmas. 

We eventually bumped into Santa.

And ate candy flosses that were bigger than the kids' heads !

This stall gave me an idea for what to do with all our odd socks - roll them into balls and make a coconut shy !

This shows how much Juliette has grown - she can almost reach the ends now !

The storks didn't look impressed though !

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