Tuesday 24 December 2013

Madhouse Diaries : We saw the REAL Santa !

I love it when exciting things happen right on our doorstep and earlier in the week, this is what was going on just across the road from us. There was Mickey, Minnie, Woody, Noddy, Mario ...

Pierre was a bit overwhelmed but the girls posed with them !

This was all just a prelude to the main event though - look what arrived ! A proper sleigh pulled by a real live reindeer with Santa on the back, led by two Laplanders in traditional costume.

He waved at the crowd then started throwing out handfuls of sweets.

First it was time to give Santa a cuddle ...

... then it was time to stroke the reindeer. (This is one of the reindeer from the local zoo we visited earlier in the week - it's such a fabulous idea and makes it all seem much more special as Santa goes around the town.)

 To make it even more magical, there were two huge foam cannons throwing out froth that looked just like snow.

The kids went round collecting up bags of sweets and gingerbread that were being handed out (as well as hot chocolate, coffee and mulled wine for the grown-ups).

 Then a choir started singing Christmas songs to help us wait for the final surprise ...

Ooh, why is the clock tower all lit up?

Look, it's Santa climbing out of the window. (As there were 110km per hour winds at the top of the clock tower, they decided to keep him closer to the ground than was initially planned !)

The Madhouse Mini-testers were incredibly impressed. Pierre was mumbling "How does he do that? He must have had lots of practise. He must be the REAL Father Christmas" ! (as opposed to all the fake Santas around town that are just helping out the real one !).

A final play in the "snow" (just remember to keep your mouth shut !) and we all went home to warm up.

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