Friday 20 December 2013

Degustabox December box review

You may remember I hosted a giveaway last month where one lucky reader won a Degustabox tasting box. Well, I received one to review too.

When it arrived, it didn't look quite as well presented as the one in the top picture but I must admit, I was more interested in the contents !

As their December box was the first ever one in the UK, they'd announced in advance what the contents would be, but usually it's a total surprise, which I like. Here's the complete list and what we thought :

DRINK ME CHAI Spiced Chai Latte - not something I'd usually buy and I don't think we'll be keen so this one may well end up at work. I like the idea of being introduced to products that I'd never have tried in a million years though.

GREEN & BLACKS Spiced Chilli - I love chocolate but wasn't sure about the combination of chilli and chocolate. Well, it's not bad but a bit weird - I think I prefer normal chilli-free chocolate to be honest but I'm not disappointed to have tried it, just so that I can say I have !

LEVI ROOTS Jerk Chicken Paste & LEVI ROOTS Smoky Jerk Sauce - these have both been put in the cupboard to help jazz up the turkey leftovers. They sound right up our street. I have tried some of the Levi Roots range of products already, but not these ones.

YU! HEALTHY SNACKS Granola & Mango Clusters & YU! HEALTHY SNACKS Granola & Strawberry Clusters - again, products that we'd never tried before but from a brand that we love. I shared them with the kids and we all loved them.

BELVITA BREAKFAST Duo Crunch Apricot & Live Yogurt & BELVITA BREAKFAST Cocoa with Choc Chips Biscuits - I love these for breakfast on the go when I'm in a rush in the morning. The kids love them as biscuits too.

BAVARIA 0.0% Original, BAVARIA Radler & BAVARIA Shandy - these have been stuck in the fridge, I'm sure someone will drink them over Christmas !

BISTO CHEF'S SPECIALS Lamb Gravy with a Twist of Mint, BISTO CHEF'S SPECIALS Bisto Chef's Specials Beef with Cracked Black Pepper & BISTO CHEF'S SPECIALS Caramelised Onion Gravy, BISTO CHEF'S SPECIALS Chicken Gravy with Sage and Onion - all twists on the usual Bisto gravy granules that I use so I'm really looking forward to trying these out. Very handy store-cupboard basics.

OXO Shake and Flavour Garlic & Herb - This is great for sprinkling on anything from chicken and pork to mash and rice - yum !

BISTO Chicken Stock Melts - I use these a lot already so they're great to have in the cupboard.

For us, this was a great box (but it may not have been so well suited to vegetarians). It contained a lot of store cupboard basics and shortcuts that we already use or that would fit in with our lifestyle, as well as a few more unusual items that took out out of our comfort zone, which I think is a good thing.

17 items in this box (although the website mentions 10-15) for £9.99 (plus £3 shipping) already sounds like a reasonable price to me, but if you like a bargain, I have good news for you - using the code madhousefamily999 at checkout will get you a £3 discount (or you can look at it as free shipping if you prefer).

for more information :  - go to their website or Facebook page or follow them on twitter @degustaboxUK

Disclosure : I received the box in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I really love the idea of these boxes but as a fussy eater I'm not sure how many of the items would actually end up getting used, I think I'm going to keep an eye on the other boxes over the next couple of months and decide then if I'll sign up or not.

  2. I actually like chai, and have tried this chai latte, it's not bad at all, though I prefer a freshly made chai with whipped milk (I use our coffee machine for that). I didn't buy this box on offer, as I am not a fan of Bisto granules. Shandy is also not something I would enjoy.


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