Tuesday 10 December 2013

We've been yarnbombed !

While were out and about this weekend, we spotted several trees on the main town square that had pink woollen adornments. As they've also got flashing Christmas lights in them, I assumed that they were part of the festive decorations and even commmented that putting scarves on the trees was a great idea.

But as we got closer and I noticed this "sexy" woollen basque number, I realised that in fact, it was nothing to do with Christmas. Dunkirk town centre had been yarnbombed ! 

As well as the obvious additions to the trees, we had great fun looking out out for the tiny odds and ends of pink wool that had been tied around bins, bikes, lamp posts and anything else that didn't move.

It was our first encounter with yarn bombing, although I've seen many fabulous, larger scale operations online.

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  1. It's brilliant, isn't it?! I saw this when visiting my brother in Bewdley, and they had a fair bit of it there - fun to see and lovely and colourful.

    1. The kids asked if it was naughty like graffiti or litter - I said well, I suppose it is kind of, but it's pretty and it's not permanent !


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