Friday 27 December 2013

Madhouse Diaries : He was a skater boy ...

He said see you later boy, that fake ice is just toooo skiddy ! The council have just installed the synthetic ice rink next to the Enchanted Village. Juliette has been begging to go and, as it's free, I could hardly say no, could I ?! Pierre had a go but didn't want to let go of the barrier !

Sophie is usually a really confident skater but she found it really weird skating on the synthetic surface, which is much skiddier than real ice apparently.

But Juliette - who usually relies on a penguin to stay upright - took to it like a duck to water !

Looks like all that practising on her roller skates has paid off !

I thought I'd never manage to get her off ! I tested out the video function on my camera while we were there.

I love the bit where she almost trips over !

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