Wednesday 11 December 2013

Winter warmers with wraps : Quesadillas

You may remember all the fun that we had recently for the Lunch Less Ordinary challenge, looking for local places with food names, trying out weird and wonderful foodie combinations, attempting Globewrapping and Wrapart, going on a Magical Mys-deli Bus Tour, letting the kids come up with lunch for a week and even using tomatoes in the whole week's meals. We love wraps so when Mission Deli Wraps offered to send us through some more to get creative with, we jumped at the chance. Now that the weather has got decidedly colder, we decided to try out a winter warmer recipe and used them to make Quesadillas.

It couldn't be simpler. You just layer slices of ham and cheese (Leerdammer slices are ideal) between two wraps.

Then heat it on both sides in a dry frying pan until the wraps go golden brown and the cheese melts.

One of these quesadillas is enough to feed two or even three people. We served ours with sweetcorn and salads.

The kids loved these and have asked to have them again, possibly playing around with the ingredients to get different flavours. I think chorizo would work well although, as Juliette pointed out, it's basically an inside-out pizza so any pizza toppings would work too, as long as you add enough cheese to hold it all together !

Disclosure : We received some wraps in order to get creative in the kitchen.

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