Thursday 19 December 2013

I'm a lemon !

Well, according to Aero anyway ! After many months of top secret planning, AERO are going to be releasing one of four new potential flavours into the AERO family in 2014. And there’s a twist – they are putting the fans in the driving seat to decide which of the new flavours will make it : strawberry, white chocolate, coffee or lemon?

Each flavour has its own personality, and thay asked me to try out their online Fans’ Favourite Flavour personality quiz. My result was : "You’re fresh zingy AERO Lemon ! You are the crazy one out of your friends! You are always bubbly and full of energy. You are really curious and love exploring new things and will always be the first to try something. Boyfriends!? PAH - you much prefer a laugh out with friends and are always keeping people entertained."

Well, as a married mum of three, I'm not sure that really sums me up that well, but I do like lemon. I think I'd have gone for strawberry though. White chocolate sounds nice but not very original and as for cappuccino - yuck !

I was very pleased to receive a special treasure chest to let me try out my special bar and I'll be savouring it tonight in front of the telly ! If you want to get in on the voting to choose which new bar hits the shops, head on over to the special app on the AERO Facebook page but get your skates on, the voting closes tomorrow at midday. White chocolate is currently in the lead with 40% of the votes, but Cappuccino isn't far behind with 32%. I've just gone and added my votes (you can vote four times) for lemon and strawberry, but they're struggling on 11 and 17% respectively. 

So which one gets your vote?

Disclosure : I received a special tasting box after taking the Fans’ Favourite Flavour personality quiz.

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  1. Ohh no not White Chocolate that's so boring :p
    I voted strawberry x

  2. I think lemon sounds horrendous. White chocolate for me!


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