Sunday 15 December 2013

Madhouse Diaries : Wood you believe it !

There's a long-standing joke in my family that Madhouse Grandad always looks at decorative items in garden centres or homeware stores and says "ooh, I could make one of those out of wood" ! Well, here are some ideas for him to get his teeth into that we saw at the Christmas market yesterday !

First the girls got all excited about walking down the red carpet under an archway made of huge bamboo poles.

Then we saw a whole herd of reindeer made of logs.

They're brilliant ! (And not too hard to replicate - you can see some more that the Country Kids from Coombe Mill made over on their blog this week too. How's that for a coincidence?)

Sustainable festive decorations seemed to be the theme this year - how about a snowman made of bendy twigs?

Or a funky wooden Christmas tree?

Pierre was delighted to discover a wood cabin - when he peeked through the window, he discovered a sleeping Santa.

And looking round the back, I can see why he was sleeping ! I hope he sobers up before Christmas Eve !

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  1. LOL @ Sleeping tipsy Santa
    Fab reindeer, but nobody in our household is good with making things from wood. I imagine if my DH tried to do smth like this, it would end up with a disaster and a trip to A&E.

  2. yay...just the job,just need to chop down the old willow tree and away we go,maybe an easter theme........

  3. Thank you for the lovely mention. The reindeer are definitely the easiest to make though I love the effect of the Snowman and Christmas Tree too. That snow man must be made from willow branches, very efective.

  4. I like the Christmas tree--how fun and clever.

  5. Great photos, the one of the back of Santas log cabin made me laugh.

  6. Love those Reindeer, Fiona did a great job with theirs too

  7. I am LOVING the raindeer and the christmas tree!! i think i need to send my hubby in the shed! lol

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x


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