Wednesday 11 December 2013

Kids' app review : Woolly & Tig

We received a lovely selection of Woolly & Tig goodies through the post this week (although I may have been a bit of a meanie and hidden them away as stocking fillers !) in honour of the release of a brand new Woolly & Tig app for ipad and iphone. We've been trying that out too.

The app has six mini games and takes players through a typical toddler's day, asking them to help Woolly with a range of real life situations that will be helpful for them too, such as brushing his teeth, washing his face and getting him dressed. These are all a great way of helping to make young children aware of what you want them to do as part of their daily routine without resorting to grumbling and nagging !

It also looks at the weather and seasons as you help Woolly have fun in the sun, rain and snow. The games are very simple but Pierre has been having great fun playing with them. Woolly tells you exactly what you need to do so he needs very little input from me.

His favourite game at the moment is building the snowman so, while he hopes that we'll have a white Christmas and that he'll be able to build a real one at some point, the app is helping him bide his time at the moment !

The app also has a free-play option, where you can have fun giving Woolly tickles and hugs or making him do rolypolies. There is also a nice touch for adults - you can unlock the parent scheduling option and programme the timer so that it will give prompts to your child at specific times, for example encouraging them to go and brush their teeth when it's bedtime.

The app targets children aged 3-6 but very young players might need a little help with some of the fiddly actions such as rolling snowballs for the snowmen or squeezing the toothpaste tube. Funnily enough, big sister Juliette is quite happy to help out though !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.99

Disclosure : We received a code for the app, plus some extra goodies, in order to write an honest review.

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