Thursday 12 December 2013

OASAP Easy Lace-up Ankle Boots review

On a bitterly cold day yesterday, the friendly postie dropped off a box containing some boots from Oasap. My 12-year-old daughter opened the box and squealed "wow, they're lovely - but they're too fashionable for you, you're too old" ! Well, thanks very much ! Apparently fake fur trim boots are all the rage and everyone at her school is wearing them. She was actually gutted that I'd bought them for me, not her. (And to be honest, I did originally look for her but she's got huge size 9 feet and they stopped at size 7.)

What really appealed to me is the beautifully soft, warm and snuggly furry lining which covers the whole boot on the sides and insole, right down to the toes. In fact, the first time I wore them outside, I had to glance down and check that I wasn't about to head into work in my slippers because they felt so soft and cosy !

Besides being totally comfortable - I didn't even have to break them in because the soft faux fur lining prevents them from rubbing or pinching - they're really versatile, being smart enough for work but casual enough for walking the dog. I chose brown ones but they also come in beige, grey, black and pink. I thought the laces would be those horrible slippery nylon ones that need a double or even triple knot and even then still keep coming undone, but no, a simple single knot suffices for them to stay tied all day long.

While teens are more interested in what they look like, as an "older" customer I wanted to check the grip they had too and I was very impressed. I've been walking about on icy pavements today and they haven't slipped at all.

The most amazing thing about them though is the price. Originally retailing at $49.99, they are currently on sale for $34.93, which is just over £20. Oasap offers free worldwide shipping too and, personally speaking, I didn't have to pay any customs charges. Oasap kindly offer to refund any customs charges that you may have to pay to your account though, just in case.

They're not amazingly sturdy and I'm not sure how they'll cope with the wet weather but I'll definitely be wearing them on dry days when I want to keep my tootsies warm and cosy. They really are unbelievable comfy.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £21.29

Disclosure : I received some store credit as a thank you for hosting a giveaway for Oasap, but I wasn't asked to blog about my order.

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