Wednesday 18 December 2013

Rosa Fabulosa candles review

I love burning candles at any time of the year but there's something about the flickering glow that is extra special when the dark nights of winter are upon us. I was very excited when QVC asked if I'd like to discover Rosa Fabulosa  and sent through two candles from the collection.

I received two fragrances - N° 4 Spicy Vanilla and N° 14 Happy Blossom - but there are many others available by the sounds of it. They also have room sprays and reed diffusers to complete the collection and have your house smelling lovely.

Well, this week has been a bit of a nightmare here at The Madhouse. One by one, we've all been coming down with a horrible tummy bug and I've spent most of the week washing bedding. As you can imagine, I needed a little help keeping things smelling nice, but cheap air fresheners can often make things worse with the overpowering, cloying scents making people feel even more sick. These candles were perfect, diffusing a subtle fragrance that had a pleasant but also calming fragrance.

The Spicy Vanilla, in particular, is a lovely wintry scent suggesting warmth and cosiness, while the lighter, floral Happy Blossom suggests fresh air and springtime. Both are natural and delicate and not overpowering.

They look very sleek and sophisticated with a neutral black-and-white colour scheme that fits in perfectly with any decor. The candles come in various sizes - you can get three travel-sized versions for £29 or a large three-wick candle for £37.

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Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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