Monday 16 December 2013

Madhouse diaries : Santa-spotting !

Saturday turned into a Santa-spotting day ! We started off with a big inflatable one ...

Then Sophie posed with this waxwork that looked almost creepily realistic !

We saw him climbing out of a chimney ...

Saw him standing on a bench ... oh no, my mistake, that's Juliette ! The coat and boots confused me for a minute there !

We saw a wooden train going through a wintry landscape ..

And a closer look revealed that it was the Santa Express with Father Christmas in the driving seat !

We saw Santa with a big stick and Pierre thought he was a bit mixed up and was trying to be a witch for Halloween !

Madhouse Daddy decided to pose as the Man in Red !

The Madhouse Mini-testers all said they didn't know Santa knew how to make balloon animals !

And we all loved the life-sized bear soft toy in a Santa hat !

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