Monday 16 December 2013

Febreze Car Air Fresheners review

As a member of the Savvy Circle, I've been busy trying out Febreze's new range of car air fresheners. If you've ever tried the Ambi Pur Car air fresheners (click through to read our review of those), the concept is identical - in fact, through reading the project guide, I discovered that P&G acquired Ambi Pur last year and have rebranded and restyled their car air fresheners into the new Febreze Car brand. They're very simple to use - you just clip them on to the air vent in the car and this wafts the fragrance around the car with the air. This being Febreze, it doesn't just mask the odours though, it neutralises them. As a dog owner, this is an aspect I appreciate !

We got three different fragrances to try out - Cotton Fresh, which is supposed to replicate the scent of freshly washed sheets or a warm towel enveloping you when you come out of the cold sea  (I loved this fragrance as a laundry product but wasn't too sure in the car, it makes me feel sleepy and want my bed !); Blossom & Breeze (a nice feminine mix of fruity and floral scents), and the strangely named New Zealand (this one had us intrigued - we tried to guess what New Zealand would smell like and the best answer we came up with was sheep poo ! The official blurb reassured us though : "Inspired by New Zealand’s south island, this scent will bring springs fed glacier-carved streams and verdant vistas into your car"). There are other fragrances to choose from, including Moonlight Vanilla and Rainforest Breeze.

If you have bad memories of the cloying, overpowering scent of some air fresheners (all you children of the 70's, what was the name of the one that came as a liquid in a round crystal on a card and you'd stab the card to release the fragrance? It was always so strong, it made me feel car sick !), you'll be pleased to know that there is a slider to regulate the strength of the scent. Ours is somewhere in the middle and gives a delicate waft of perfume.

Depending on where you put the slider, the air freshener should last about a month (they say up to 30 days). The RRP is £3.99 but you can pick them up in ASDA for £2 at the moment. If you have smelly dogs, eat burgers in your car or transport sweaty kids after football practise, that's got to be worth it for a month-long fresh-smelling car !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £3.99

Disclosure : As a member of the Savvy Circle, I received a project kit including samples (to use and give out to friends), brichures and money-off vouchers, on order to spread the word and collect honest feedback.

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  1. Thanks for the article. Recently I brought a car air freshener online. It is made with such a good choice of scents and it tends to last longer than any other perfume. It has a perfume booster in it too. The designs are also attractive.

  2. Scents directly impact mood and relaxation, as they connect to the limbic system in the brain, reducing stress and anxiety during car commutes.


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