Sunday 15 December 2013

Slim Fruits Pastilles review

When Slim Fruits got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out some of their healthy fruity pastilles, I thought they sounded too good to be true. The press release explains : "SLIM FRUITS™ pastilles are sugar free, fat free and high in soluble dietary fibre which helps in weight management. The key SLIM FRUITS™ ingredient is 40% Acacia Gum which has versatile nutritional benefits centuries old. The new wonder sweet leaves people feeling fuller for longer, rather than craving more."

A serving of 5 Slim Fruits provides 1.9g of dietary fibre and only 10 calories. That's equivalent to the amount of fibre found in:

• 46g raw broccoli (about half a cup)
• 70g of raw English spinach (about 2 cups)
• 22g raw almonds (about 18 nuts)
• 95g apple (2/3 of an apple)
• 40g wholegrain bread (approx. 1 slice)

Well, if they're that good for you, I figured that they couldn't taste very nice but I opened a pack and popped one in my mouth to see. They have a harder texture than most fruity type sweets - they reminded me of the texture of the old-style Rowntree's Fruit Gums - but they taste really nice. This extra hardness is done on purpose, forcing you to slow down when you eat them. Slowing down consumption gives the brain time to register the feeling of fullness and satiety resulting from the absorption and swelling that occurs in the stomach.

The combined benefits of slow consumption, low calories, the feeling of fullness and a slower digestion rate means that Slim Fruits are an ideal component of healthy weight loss eating plans. They come in two flavours - Luscious Peach Melba and Luscious Rhubarb & Strawberry - both of which are lovely and fruity. Apart from the slightly firmer texture, they are exactly like regular sweets and I'd defy anyone to realise that they are a healthier alternative if they hadn't seen the pack.

SLIM FRUITS are currently available from Holland & Barrett stores nationwide and will be available in Boot's top 800 stores (in the weight management aisle) from the 13th January with an RRP of £1.89 for a 24g pack.

star rating : 4.5/5

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.

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