Wednesday 18 December 2013

Madhouse Diaries : The Christmas Parade

Well, we may all be under the weather but we did manage to get out and enjoy some fabulous Christmas magic at the weekend. Dunkirk town centre hosted La Grande Parade, reminiscent of a Disneyland parade.

The town centre was absolutely heaving and we had to wait an hour for the parade to arrive but it was worth it.

This is the most magical Santa's sleigh I've ever seen - it looked like the reindeer were really flying !

And Pierre gasped "look, it's the REAL Father Christmas" !

The Ice Queen's drummers looks suitably glacial.

But she had a beaming smile.

We loved these reindeer too.

And the snowmen were very cute.

We stroked some very friendly polar bears !

Saw some Edwardian-style carollers.

The fabulous full-sized Christmas Train.

Which just about managed to squeeze through the crowds without squishing anyone.

 And saw a huge rocking horse.

Then we had to navigate the totally congested roads to get back out of the town centre again ! Luckily the Christmas magic kept us all in a good mood despite the traffic jams !

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  1. How fab! I wish we had one on town, Eddie' be thrilled to watch the parade.


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