Thursday 18 December 2014

Kärcher Car Cleaning Accessories review

After giving our homes a thorough overhaul, Kärcher have moved on to our cars and bikes with the latest products they sent to their Clean Ambassadors to try out last month : the FJ6 Foam Jet and a Wheel Washing Brush. Madhouse Daddy has been having great fun trying them out - what is with men and new gadgets ?! - but he totally failed in the blogger stakes because he didn't tell me he was using them until he'd finished so I didn't get any photos or videos - he'll have to try harder next time !

The Foam Jet can be used with any Kärcher pressure washer and is designed to generate a low pressure detergent foam, which is ideal for cleaning your car - it reminds me very much of the fine sheen of foam that automatic car washes spray all over your car. As the packaging shows, it has a variety of other possible uses though, from garden furniture to walls. It looks quite small - it has a 0.6 litre capacity - but this is actually plenty to get the job done. It has a dial to vary the amount of detergent and foam released so you can play about until you get the speed and texture you desire. Now, I was expecting really thick foam that clings to the car like a covering of snow, as I had seen on Youtube when I went to investigate, so when Madhouse Daddy tried it, I thought he'd overdiluted or maybe wasn't using it right. Looking at the official Kärcher video though (see above), it is quite runny so I think it probably depends on the detergent you use so we'll be investigating. That said, even with quite runny foam, it still does a great job of getting the car clean, without the need for being up to your elbows in a bucket of water (which is never a pleasant experince in winter !). 


The Wheel Washing Brush is the perfect accessory for the final finishing touch. I think it will really come into its own if the snow that has been promised comes to us next month, because that always leaves the wheels and the bottom of the car covered in flithy black slush and grit residue and this will be ideal for cleaning up. Like the other Kärcher attachments, it just pops on the end of your pressure washer and its all-round bristles make it a doddle to get into all the nooks and crannies of the hubcaps. Here at The Madhouse, it has been nicknamed The Crying Hedgehog because it does look a bit like a hedgehog and water comes pouring out of the bristles when you switch on the pressure washer ! If you like driving off road or have a BMX or motorcross fan in your midst, this will be absolutely worth its weight in gold !

RRP : £24.99 for the foam jet, £24.99 for the wheel washing brush

Disclosure : As Kärcher Clean Ambassadors, we've been putting a wide range of their products through their paces over the past year. 

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  1. just bought a karcher pressure washer...could do with some cool accessories

  2. we have one of these its fantastic :) we were spending nearly £10 a week throughout summer cleaning the car so this saved us loads in the long run :) and our 3 year old loves watching daddy blast the car with foam lol x

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    1. Hi, I put the price at the time of writing the review at the bottom of the post but it's probably changed since then. Clicking through on the amazon links should give you an idea of the current price.

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