Tuesday 30 December 2014

Our Christmas Crafting with Yellow Moon

We had loads of family fun getting creative in the run up to Christmas - so much so in fact that I didn't have enough time to blog about it all ! Here's a slightly belated round-up of the crafty fun we had, thanks to Yellow Moon who sent us a lovely pack of festive crafting materials and also little stocking fillers from their vast range of kid-friendly products.

These festive plastic Snow Pals Mugs (£2.95 for 3) really appealed to Pierre and as there were three in the pack, they were perfect for the Madhouse kids to share out. They've been using them non-stop in the run up to Christmas. I can't decide whether to keep them out or put them away until next year so they become a special part of the Christmas excitement build-up.

 The next thing that intrigued Pierre were these little finger lights (£2.49 for 4). They don't look hugely impressive in the pack but they're great fun once you've used the little elastic loops to attach them to your fingers and turned them on. 

Pierre couldn't decide if he wanted to be ET ... "ouch !" ...

Or the Incredible Hulk !

They look very effective in the dark and Pierre has already declared that he will use them to replace his night light if he needs to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

On to the first crafty project - these cute wooden houses (£3.95 for 4) with a swivel lid have a secret hidey hole nestling inside and are perfect for customising with paints, felt tips, crayons, even collage. I have a plan for making these extra special by drawing doors and windows with little photos of the kids peeking out. They've been put aside for now but I'll show you the end result when they're finished. 

Pierre and Juliette had great fun colouring in the 'Merry Christmas' Pop-Up Cards (£1.99 for 8) and with eight in a pack, there are plenty for keeping all the grandparents, teachers and special aunties and uncles happy ! 

Our favourite project was these Santa's Toy Shop craft kits (£3.95 for 2), made out of squishy sheets of foam.

You just press the pre-cut pieces out and slot them together to create the main structure.

Then you peel the backing off the adhesive parts (door, windows, snow, presents, candy canes, Santa and elves) and customise your toy shop, either following the model on the pack or using your imagination.

It's very simple but looks great. I love the fact that it's all self-contained and needs no glue or scissors - except for the chimney so we actually didn't bother with that, as it still looks great without it. You get two kits in a pack.

Hmm what's next? You can't go far wrong with some self-inking stampers.

Pierre and Juliette went stamper-crazy and loved the cute designs and the festive red and green colours. A pack of 10 only costs £2.99 so they're a great investment as they can be used for all sorts of projects, from making Christmas cards and decorating things to creating home-made wrapping paper.

We still have a couple of things we haven't used yet - a big paint pad (£2.55) for creating your own hand prints (I have some ideas for crafty projects to do with this already, or they also sell handprint placemats) and some beautiful sparkly Christmas foam glitter stickers (£2.99 for 120).

Yellow Moon are a great place to look for party-bag fillers and crafting supplies all year round, not just at Christmas.

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. Pam Francis Gregory31 December 2014 at 08:35

    Very creative!

  2. Love the Santa's Toy Shop craft kits - looks like fun!


  3. Always wanted to know what to do with stamping inks - just give them paper and let them be creative!


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