Thursday 4 December 2014

The ultimate gift for the person who has everything ... a Christmas jumper for a cow !

And it's not actually as silly as it sounds. You know how it is - there's always one person (or maybe several people) on your Christmas list who has everything they want and you know that whatever you buy for them will end up sitting in the corner of the bedroom or will soon be regifted or given to the charity shop. 

Well, how about you cut out the middle man and go for a charity gift instead ? I know I'd much rather receive the gift of knowing that some good has been done in my name than get a scratchy scarf or novelty egg cup that I really don't want or need ! UK charity Send a Cow have roped in their ambassador Gloria the cow to model an amoosing Christmas jumper to help raise awareness of their aim of selling 20,000 festive gifts that will make a difference to poverty-stricken African families. 

Send a Cow’s Christmas catalogue contains gifts that make a difference to poverty-stricken families in seven African countries. Gifts range from ‘Local Cow’ (£205), which provides a farming family with milk and manure; ‘Little Donkey’ (£9) which helps families take good care of their four-legged friends who transport farm produce to market; and ‘Tip Tap’ (£10), a bestseller which improves hygiene levels in areas where soap and water are luxuries. (You didn't really think they were selling Christmas jumpers for cows, did you ?!)

Simon Barnes, CEO of Send a Cow, said: “This year we’ve taken the idea of the quirky Christmas jumper one step further, to encourage people to think differently about the gifts they buy this Christmas. Instead of buying chocolate for a friend, why not buy something unusual - for as little as £5 you will greatly improve the lives of poverty-stricken families in Africa. This is our 13th year of the Christmas catalogue and over the years we’ve raised over eight million pounds to help poor families. We really hope that you will support us this year by buying a gift, to help us change even more lives this Christmas and beyond.”

It would certainly be a talking point on Christmas morning ! Another idea is ditching the paper Christmas cards this year and using free e-cards instead, putting the money you would have spent on cards and postage into a charitable donation instead (and mentioning to everyone that you've sent a cow on their behalf in the e-card). Whatever you choose to give, I hope you all have a very moo-ry Christmas !

Send a Cow’s Christmas catalogue is available in print and online – for more information go to or call 01225 874222.

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