Monday 1 December 2014

#NickJrCraftmas project #1 : Ben Elf Hat

Excitement is at its peak ! It's party time today - the #NickJrCraftmas twitter party will be kicking off at 1pm so make sure you follow @UKMumsTV and @NickJrUK, as well as the #NickJrCraftmas hashtag, to join in the fun and be in with a chance of winning some fab prizes.

I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of one of the activities in advance - some festive elf hats that Ben from Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom would love (as did Pierre) !

We received a fabulous party pack full of goodies to use, but I decided to have a clear out in our crafting cuboard of all the odds and ends in the bottom of boxes and bags before restocking - out with the old and in with the new ! Here are the materials provided for the project but we made our hats with scraps from the crafting box, which proves that you can get involved at home too !

If you click on the instruction sheet above, you'll see a bigger version which you should be able to read. Just use a plate as a template to draw a semi-circle in blue card then cut it out.

While your little helper is cutting out the semi-circle, trace some holly leaves on green paper or card and get him to cut those out too (or you might need to help, as it's a bit more fiddly).

Staple the two flat edges together and use sellotape to stick on the holly leaves and shiny red sequins or pompoms for berries.

This is such a simple craft but you can see how proud Pierre was. I was impressed at how well it stayed on his head - I didn't even bother with the elastic !

Loads more #NickJrCraftmas fun coming up later on today on the blog and on twitter so watch this space !

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