Thursday 18 December 2014

Madhouse diaries : Festive fun in the town centre

Yesterday, we decided to head into town on the hunt for Father Christmas and, hopefully, a little festive magic into the bargain because for some reason, nobody at The Madhouse has been feeling very Christmassy so far. We popped into McDonald's to play in their soft play and bumped into our first Santa of the day !

But this was our main destination - the inflatable igloo in the town square.

We were amazed to see that we were the only people there - there was a massive queue last time ! - so we went inside, had a chat with the lovely (but incredibly young) Santa, sniggered slightly at his white trainers (well, only me and Sophie, I don't think Pierre even noticed !) and came away with a big smile and a chocolate.

Having done my homework, I knew that there was a horse and carriage giving free rides around the town centre and, sure enough, we heard a clip-clopping.

We were the only people queuing for this too - where are all the Christmas shoppers?!

We headed down to see the festive decorations at the town hall.

A huge Santa made of LED lights which must look fabulous in the dark.

And an equally big teddy bear.

Alongside a little drummer boy.

Heading back into the centre, we saw some ice sculptors at work.

They made some very cute teddy bears.

Night was starting to fall but we waited our turn for the free face painting.

One weary but happy little tiger !

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  1. Looks like you had a great day, love the giant santa!

  2. Cannot believe it is nearly a month since Christmas. Those large festive decorations looked really good. My favourite part though was the fact you were able to go for a horse drawn carriage ride. I would enjoy that assuming I could climb up into it.

  3. Oh wow, this looks great fun for the little ones, we dont have anything like this where we live

    1. Aww I haven't seen these photos for ages - Pierre has grown up so much since then !


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