Tuesday 2 December 2014

Travels Through Time - Do you remember your holidays 30 years ago ?

Every year, as soon as December rolls around, we rush off to the travel agents to pick up the brochures for our next summer holiday, hoping to grab a (relative) bargain in the "first minutes" deals while there are still some family rooms available. These days, like most other people, we always aim for some fun in the sun, so far heading to Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco. We're contemplating Crete, Greece, Croatia or Tenerife too this year, or may go back to Turkey again.

Thinking back to the holidays I went on 30 years ago as a kid, we used to go on coach trips, crossing the Channel by ferry (the Channel Tunnel wasn't even built yet !) to head down to The Black Forest or the Austrian Tyrol. Before that, we always used to go to Perranporth in Corwall for a week, then tried different holiday camps in North Wales, the Isle of Wight and Somerset, staying in a Supertent !

I laughed when I looked at this infographic about how our holiday habits have changed because, well, I seem to be somewhat of a relic ! We still book at a travel agent's (although we have been comparing prices online and realising we can get a better deal this year), I still pack loads of books to read and I don't take my laptop, ipad or phone on holiday with us - I want to disconnect for a fortnight (although I am sometimes tempted to go and grab an hour in the internet cafe in the hotel lobby to check my emails!). My dream destination is still the USA too, even if I wouldn't say no to a trip Down Under!

30 Years of Experience In The Travel Industry - Infographic

James Villa Holidays - 30 Years of Travel Infographic

How about you ? How do you fare? Are you definitely a modern traveller or still a bit of a 1980's throwback like me ?!

Disclosure : This is a sponsored, but hopefully enjoyable, post !

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  1. I hope our holidays, now, will invoke good memories for our kids in 30 years!

  2. I remember my holidays of 30 years ago fondly as they were more 'travels' than holidays. I don't think I fit into the infographic for 30 years ago or today. My holidays are still 'travels', i am proud to say that 30 years ago I went to Afghanistan and saw the Buddha statues of Bamiyan which were later destroyed. I travelled the whole routse of the Trans Siberian railway later in the eighties. I still love to travel but not so adventurous now as I get older.

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