Friday 12 December 2014

Simple Christmas crafting with the kids

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free, and the best festive crafting activities with the kids definitely needn't cost a penny. I have fond childhood memories of making silver bells to put on the Christmas tree by cutting up an eggbox and covering each hollow in silver foil, before threading through a needle and adding a little ball of rolled-up foil as a clanger. I decided to get back to basics with the Madhouse kids and use up some odds and ends from the crafts cupboard and the recycling box. I was amazed at just how enthusiastic they got !

I made a simple star template from a piece of cardboard and found some shiny silver and gold card for them to trace the design onto.

There was some serious concentration going on for cutting them out !

A few dots of glue and a handful of sequins (or you could use screwed up balls of tissue paper, cotton wool, pasta shapes, dried beans, anything you have lying around the house really !) and that's all you need.

Once the glue has dried, string them up and hang them in the window.

 The next mini project was making paper chains - we used up the scraps of coloured paper from the crafts box but in the past, we've made them using cut up magazine pages too.

As Pierre was putting them in his room, we added little stickers of his favourite characters to make them extra special.

So simple but he was so proud of his handiwork !

 For the final project, I had some transparent plastic baubles and asked Pierre to draw or find some pictures to put inside them. 

Peppa Pig and Dora seemed to be popular but Sophie is also going to make some One Direction ones - no surprise there then ! You could add glitter or beads to make them extra special (but this is potentially messy !).

Have you got any other cheap and cheerful crafting activities for keeping the kids busy in the run up to Christmas ?

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  1. Nice ideas. We normally also make paper chains out of Christmassy magazines. They are quite effective.

  2. the clear baubles are great, I need to get some


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