Tuesday 16 December 2014

My cold-busting kit from Nivea

As I take the bus to and from work every day and spend far too long hanging around at the bus stop in the cold, wind and rain, the winter weather really takes its toll on my skin. My lips are usually the first to get chapped and sore, followed by my hands drying out and the skin on my cheeks inevitably ends up feeling dry, tingly and tight. Luckily, Nivea sent me through a lovely selection of their winter essentials to help me through the cold season.

I started with the dark blue bottle containing Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser with Hydra IQ (RRP £3.56 for 250ml), an innovative ingredient which protects skin and locks in moisture. It targets dry skin and promises a long lasting feel. I love rubbing this into the skin on my arms and legs if it is feeling dry, flaky or scaly. It contains almond oil and has a lovely fragrance that makes me think of the summer for some reason, probably because it reminds me of sun cream. 99% of women who have tried it agree that using Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and, having tried it myself, I have to say I agree.

I also discovered the Irresistably Smooth Body Lotion with Hydra IQ (RRP £3.56 for 250ml) in the purple bottle which has a lighter texture and a non-greasy formula. It delivers long-lasting nourishment for beautifully soft skin thanks to the Shea Butter that it contains, which infuses your skin with intensive moisture. This smells lovely too and I love smoothing this over my skin when I jump out of the shower. It's designed for dry skin.

The Express Hydration Body Lotion with Hydra IQ (RRP £3.56 for 250ml) in the white bottle is for normal skin and promises deep moisture and a long-lasting feel. It has the big advantage of being ultra fast absorbing so you don't get the horrible sticky feeling when you get dressed after applying it. It has a light texture, a pleasant but discreet fragrance and contains sea minerals.

My hands have had a thorough pampering too, thanks to the Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream, which contains Hydra IQ and Macadamia Nut Oil (RRP £3.67 for 100ml) Its formula includes vitamins B5 and F,  and it supports the skin's own moisture in the deeper layers of skin. It has a rich texture but is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving a sensation of protection but no greasiness. This goes in my coat pocket along with my gloves for the extra cold mornings when my hands are tingly with the cold !

My absolute must-have product for the winter (and, in fact, all year round) is lip balm so I was delighted to receive four different Lip Butters (RRP £1.99 for 16.7g) to try out : Original, Blueberry Blush, Raspberry Rosé and Vanilla & Macadamia. They all taste great and provide superb protection for my lips whatever the weather, thanks to the trio of magic ingredients, Hydra IQ, Shea Butter and Almond Oil. My lips feel softer, they are less likely to chap and any soreness or cracks heal quickly. Even the Madhouse kids keep coming and asking if they can have some on their lips, partly because it feels nice but also because they love the smell and the taste !

It sounds like there is some bitterly cold weather on the way, so my advice is to stock up now !

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I'm going to get some of the lip butters. Pretty little pots too.

    1. I've got one in my coat pocket and one in my desk at work :)

  2. I think I could do with some of these. I am full of the cold!

    1. oh no, I'm the same - fingers crossed you feel better soon xxx

  3. I love nivea products makes my skin feel so soft

  4. Ooh yes loving the Nivea Lip Butters, a must!


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