Wednesday 10 December 2014

Persil turned The Madhouse into a Painters' Paradise !

To help young people and parents get over their stain fears, Persil have been working with TV magician Ben Hanlin to help encourage kids to get stuck in and wear their stains with pride. Ben is the new star of ITV2’s Tricked, which features the prankster tricking various celebrity guests with illusions. (Click through to see a video of his work with Persil.)

As part of the campaign, Ben and Persil headed down to a Yr4 primary school class, where Ben dazzled the crowd with a number of stain vanishing illusions. In addition to this, they have also been working with Play England, who has helped them reveal the top seven fun, engaging and possibly messy activities parents should encourage their children to get stuck into to develop kids’ creative side – one for every day of the week.

Combining both of these campaigns into one fun activity, they sent us through a fabulous Persil Painters' Paradise box and asked us to get creative and paint a picture of a magician ... before making any stains on the kids' clothes vanish with a little Persil magic ! The Madhouse Mini-artists didn't need much encouragement, especially as we saw a magician as part of the Christmas party at Madhouse Daddy's work this week.

 Pierre was very proud of his finished masterpiece.

And quite rightly too !

Juliette's was very impressive too !

If you want some more ideas for messy play, head on over to They have lots of not-so-messy-play ideas too, such as making paper planes, the perfect snowman and stained glass papercraft. Don't be put off by worrying about stains on your kids' clothes though - Persil promise that they're as good as a magician for making them vanish !

Disclosure : We received a fab painters' paradise box, including a bottle of Persil to help with the cleaning up !

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