Monday 1 December 2014

#NickJrCraftmas project #4 : Paper Chains

As soon as I saw this project sheet, I got excited because it reminded me of making paper chains myself as a child. My nan used to buy ready cut strips with glue on them every Christmas that needed to be licked and I can still remember the taste ! 

This is a fab way of using up all the offcuts of paper that you don't want to throw away but that are too small to do anything sensible with. Pierre soon worked out what to do and he was off !

There was no stopping him !

Adding little stickers with our favourite Nick Jr characters made them even more special for the kids.

The #NickJrCraftmas party is underway ! Follow @cherylp59 (that's me!), @UKMumsTV and @NickJrUK, as well as the #NickJrCraftmas hashtag.

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