Thursday 21 July 2011

Boots Hot Weather Cooling Spray review

As I mentioned a few weeks ago (here), the lovely people at Boots sent me through a gorgeous mini-suitcase stuffed with products to keep us all feeling on top form in Turkey. The products are a selection from The Nation's Holiday Hotlist 2011, as chosen by over 8,000 women. (More about that here.)

We've just been discovering Boots Hot Weather Cooling Spray, a spray can which vaporises micro-droplets of water on your face. If you give birth in France (as I have several times !), a water vaporiser is one of the top items on your hospital bag list and several of the big mineral water brands manufacture them. I always used to buy the Evian one, which contains pure water, so I'd spray it on my tongue when the midwives weren't looking ! (In France, once you're in labour, you're on a strict nil-by-mouth regime until it's all over. Sadists !)

Well, I wouldn't spray the contents of the Boots Cooling Spray on my tongue because it isn't pure water. It contains : Aqua, Alcohol denat., Polysorbate 20, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Menthyl lactate, 2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1, 3-diol, Sodium bicarbonate, Tocopherol. I have no idea what any of those slightly sinister-sounding ingredients are and, to be honest, would have preferred the can to contain just pure water.

Whatever the contents, the idea is still pure genius and extremely pleasant in hot weather. You can spray the ultra fine mist over your face so that it feel instantly refreshed and cooled but, as soon as you wipe your hands across your face, the wetness disappears. It's great for combating the drying effects of air conditioning or for cooling down overheating children – the pleasant shock effect of the cold spray will instantly turn the start of a heat-induced whining session or even full blown tantrum into a fit of giggles, but be prepared for endless cries of “Again, again !”.

It's also a lifesaver if you suffer from hayfever because it's perfect for spraying over your face and hair, or even eyes and nose in extreme cases, to dampen down the pollen and offer instant relief. Drug-free relief too, so it's great if you're pregnant or breastfeeding and avoiding antihistamines, or for children.

The light blue packaging with the sun logo looks perfectly matched to our sun care products. The plastic lid covering the spray nozzle does have an annoying tendency to keep falling off in my bag so you might want to keep it upright, in one of the pockets of your changing bag, for example, if you have one.

Star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4.07 for 150ml

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  1. I love this cooling spray - I got some a few years ago when I went to Egypt and it was a lifesaver in the 40+ degree heat. I don't cope well in the heat so it prevented a lot of heat-related headaches. I daresay it'd be good on the London Underground tube network... if you could use it discreetly without annoying fellow passengers that is!

  2. like the idea of it helping hayfever - i always get it really bad and it was a nightmare when i was pregnant and not able to take anything for it!

  3. I have some cooling spray already but rarely used it, but I love the idea of it helping with hayfever which I have. Thank you! @maisietoo

  4. love this cooling spray. I get such hot sweaty feet, it's nice to spritz and chill on family days out sightseeing in the city

  5. If you buy the sensitive skin one they produce it doesn't have any ingredients other than aqua.

  6. I could do with one of these today - I'm boiling!

  7. Thanks for this review! We are going abroad in the summer and I always start buying essentials ages before we go. I have been looking at these products in store but wasn't sure whether they were worth investing in. Having read this, I will definitely be going out to buy some.


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