Monday 11 July 2011

Printed Wardrobe review

First of all, for all you bloggers out there, if you haven't yet signed up to Fuel My Blog, you should head over there and do it now. They'll put you in touch with lots of great companies for reviewing campaigns, just like this one, for Printed Wardrobe.

Now, Printed Wardrobe was a company I had never heard of before this campaign, so I headed off for a quick bit of research. Their website explains : "Printed Wardrobe is a customer service-driven company which offers the public the opportunity to design and print garments of their choice at low cost with speedy delivery. We offer off-the-shelf designs which can also be purchased to offer a unique fashion alternative to many mass produced high street designs. We print on a wide range of garments such as : Hoodies, Polo Shirts, Rugby Shirts, T-Shirts, Vests."

I had a quick look and they have a wide range of fun and funky off-the-peg designs ready for you to fling in your basket, with T-shirts costing approximately £11.99 and coming in a huge choice of colours, as well as several different fits. Judging by their up-to-the-minute controversial designs, including one with "I was hacked by news of the World" sprawled across the chest, they must update their range of designs extremely often. I love the fact that once you've chosen the design, you can change your choice of clothing which makes it really simple to find what you want.

But for the purposes of this review, I needed to go and check out the Create-Your-Own section. The first thing to do is choose the support you want. It was at this point that I realised that, although they have a wide range of clothing available in both men's and women's styles, they don't have children's clothing available, which is a real shame. As well as the classic personalisable Tshirts, they also have aprons, pillow cases, bags, cushions, even jog pants, that you can add images and/or text too.

I decided to personalise a vest top with a cute picture of Pierre that I'd be able to wear on holiday next month in Turkey. I uploaded the photo (you need a large high res photo if you want it to be a big picture on your item of clothing) and added some text. They have some really funky fonts to choose from that I've never seen anywhere else and that look really cool. You can choose to curve your text too, which I did. Help bubbles pop up but it's all really simple. You can also add joke mouths, hats etc to your photo which could be really fun, especially if you were creating Tshirts for a stag or hen night, for example.

Once you've created your design, you'll need to create an account in order to save it but again, this takes minutes and is incredibly simple. You have the option of selling your design to the website, in which case you can earn commission from its sales, but I didn't explore this avenue any further. (You earn 10% commission on all sales featuring your designs and will receive a payment by paypal when you get to £20.)

I was given a £25 voucher to spend on the site for the purposes of this review, with which I managed to purchase a personalised vest top and a Tshirt with a funky sheep design. I needed to add £2 to cover the full cost which I did using paypal. The checkout system just takes your address details from paypal so it's instantaneous, there's no need to go through a complicated checkout process.

I actually thought personalised Tshirts would be really cheesy, so I originlly planned to create an oversized Tshirt that I could use as a nightshirt because I wouldn't want to be seen out and about in it, but it's actually possible to create some really funky designs that I'll be proud to show off. I'll also bear this website in mind for Christmas and birthdays for the grandparents, as there are some really good ideas for original gifts in their accessories section.

If you'd like to go and have a look, Printed Wardrobe are happy to give a 20% discount to readers of this blog with the following code: DESIGN20 valid until the end of September.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : about £12-15 for a Tshirt

for more information :
or find them on facebook :

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  1. I love buying personalised pressies and they seem like a good price - thanks!

  2. I love the idea of this, especially great for special occasions

  3. Really sorry if you have already blogged about this; but how was the actual items/quality?

    1. Good quality shirts, thick cotton - the photo was slightly grainy on my personalised one but that's down to the resolution of the original photo I used


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