Wednesday 20 July 2011

Fruit Shoots Champion of the Playground Challenge

I love it when we get set fun challenges to carry out on our blog, especially if the whole family can get involved. In the past, we've been challenged by Robinsons to make Squash Monsters (here), Cadbury's Spots & Stripes to be record breakers (here), Baking Mad to make a fruit cake (here) and Puffin to draw part of a multi-bloggers' were-creation for the launch of Curtis Jobling's Wereworld book (here). Whenever the gauntlet is thrown down, someone in The Madhouse is always ready to pick it up and have a go !

Well, this time it was Fruit Shoots sending us everything we needed to take part in their brilliant Champion of the Playground campaign, to see who would be crowned 'Champion of the Madhouse' ! They explain : "Robinsons Fruit Shoot have launched a new social game for kids - Champion of the Playground - which encourages them to learn and practice new skills, and to compete with their friends both on and offline. Kids under 12 years old can log on to the totally re-vamped website to access skills videos, win a skills kit and compete with their friends to be top of the online leader board. The COTP Skills Kit will include a digi-skip, a digi-kick, a webcam and a COTP drawstring bag. The digitised skipping rope and a hacky-sack rack up points the longer you play. When used, the digitised kit will generate a code that can then be inputted in to progress in the game."

Juliette excitedly starting unpacking all of the goodies stuffed into the funky Fruit Shoots bag.

We discovered a Digi-skip skipping rope, a Digi-kick ball (both of which cleverly count your kicks and skips so you can't cheat or accidentally lose count !) and a funky webcam.

There is also a wipe-clean "Champion of the Household" League Table to fill in ! 

While I started looking at the rules and instructions, all three of the mini-players had fun dressing up with the fab pirate and fairy accessories. As you can see, there's no gender stereotyping here at The Madhouse - Pierre grabbed the fairy wings and wands and the girls both tried out the pirate eyepatch and cutlass ! The lovely PR lady told me that the dressing-up gear didn't actually have anything to do with the Champion of the Playground campaign, it was just stuff they happened to have lying around in the office - now that sounds like the kind of place I'd like to work in !!

Right, on to the challenges. First up - skipping ! Sophie grabbed the rope and started jumping and giggling, doing very well indeed ... 

But that sneaky Madhouse Grandad is a dark house. Nobody ever dreamed he was so talented with a skipping rope !

 On to the next game - upsies (or Upsy Daisy as Pierre kept saying !). Now this is harder than it looks ! Sophie and Grandad went head to head again !

And in the end, the Champion of the Household was ... Sophie !

All that playing is thirsty work, so the girls soon make short work of the bottles of Fruit Shoots that came with the pack. I was very impressed to see that they are My-5 Fruit Shoots, which are healthier than the normal ones because they contain 80% fruit juice and 20% water and count towards your 5-a-day fruit and veg portions. The girls said they were just as yummy as normal fruit shoots so it's smiles all round. (Especially from Juliette who seems to have sneakily taken possession of the crown while nobody was looking !)

I highly recommend you head over to to watch the skills videos and try to win your own skills kit. It's great fun and the perfect way of getting your kids active, as well as keeping them entertained, during the long summer holiday.

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  1. am going to try and win one now!

  2. Fruits shoots are great, tasty fruit alternative to fizzy drinks or just plain water. Have a good choice of flavours. Can get low sugar versions as well.

  3. Do you just have to be a kid to do this? I really love fruit shoots. All I drink is squash from an overly strict household growing up where 'fizzy drinks' were only allowed as a rare treat. As a result I have good teeth and... an addiction to squash!

  4. @needaphone This look so much fun this would be great for my school.

  5. the codes are 35211


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