Monday 25 July 2011

Zoflora Antibacterial Disinfectant review

Whenever I do the housework, I love using products with big bold fragrances that make the house smell lovely and fresh. It makes me feel happy and smiley and makes cleaning less of a chore. It leaves a lovely scent lingering in the rooms after I've finshed cleaning. And, last but not least, when Madhouse Daddy Mike comes through the door, he can't fail to notice that I've been working hard around the house cleaning and not blogging all day long, as I'm sure he thinks I do. Pffff the chance would be a fine thing, even if I am on holiday !!

But, however lovely the fragrance, I still need to know that the product is actually working hard at keeping my floors and surfaces not just dirt but also germ free. Zoflora products ticks all the right boxes. 

They have a range of concentrated disinfectant products with lots of really lovely fragrances, twelve in all in fact, including Bouquet, Lavender and - the two we were sent to review - Springtime and Limited Edition Apple Orchard. Springtime smells lovely and fresh and floral and I think I can detect a backnote of citrus - I love using this in the kitchen. Apple Orchard smells of crisp green apples so I feel like I've bitten into a Granny Smith while sitting out in the back garden. I love using this one in the bedrooms and lounge because it smells so fresh and natural and invigorating and feels like bringing the outside inside.

The bottles are tiny, especially when compared to most cleaning product bottles, containing only 120ml, so they look more like a big bottle of hand sanitiser than a bottle of household cleaner, but that's because it's highly concentrated so you can dilute it to a 1 in 40 solution. That means that one 10ml capful makes 400ml so one small bottle makes up an amazing 4.8 litres of cleaning solution. No more lugging huge bottles home from the shops, less plastic to make the packaging and less bottles in landfill so it's a win-win situation.

The label promises a 3-in-1 action, namely a very impressive 99.9% of bacteria and viruses killed, odours eliminated and all day freshness. It's a very versatile product because you can use it with a mop or floorcloth, put it in a spray bottle for work surfaces or even use it neat in sinks, drains and toilet bowls.

I love the fact that the fragrances smell natural and fresh like perfume, not a harsh bleach smell partially disguised by fragrance, as you get with some products. I was actually surprised to see just how effective it is at killing germs, given the gorgeous fragrances.

But Zoflora don't just make gorgeous-smelling concentrated disinfectant. They also sent me through a bottle of Antibacterial Bin Fresh Gel to try out. We always use bin bags in our kitchen bin (the rather fabulous Simplehuman Deluxe Rectangular Recycler that we reviewed here) but even so, they sometimes leak and in the summer months, this can lead to nasty whiffs and flies. 2-year-old Pierre has recently discovered how to step on the pedal to open the bin and thinks this is incredibly enjoyable so I spend half my time wiping it down to keep the germs away. The Zoflora Antibacterial Bin Fresh Gel does the job perfectly and has another gorgeous fragrance, this time called Rainfresh. It smells fresh and clean, slightly floral and utterly gorgeous. So much so that cleaning my kitchen actually puts a smile on my face - and believe me, that's pretty unbelievable !

Zoflora have such amazing fragrances that I'm quite excited to tell you that there's currently a competition going on on twitter to guess the new fragrance that Zoflora will be releasing. The closing date is midday on Wednesday so you'll have to be quick and they're posting clues on twitter so make sure you scan through the Zoflora twitter feed at!/LoveZoflora.

The two clues so far have been :
Hint #1! The scent from our new fragrance originates from East Asia, though it can be viewed in parks all over the world


Hint #2! Our new limited edition fragrance combines delicate flowers w/ a sweet summery fruit. Can you guess our new scent?

and the third and final clue will be revealed tomorrow. You get five guesses each so get your thinking caps on ! They will be giving away a 250ml bottle of the new fragrance and a pair of flowery gloves to 30 lucky Tweeps.

Good luck ! And happy cleaning !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.22 for concentrated disinfectant (120ml), £3.97 for Bin Fresh Gel (375ml)

for more information :

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  1. I love all the Zoflora range but why do I always struggle to find Flowershop? My locals never sell it and it's my absolute favorite!

  2. Would try this I like having a fresh clean smell after cleaning the kitchen and it proves you cleaned it!


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