Monday 25 July 2011

Anybody for Yorkshire Pudding ice cream ?!

Now, I may be hosting a giveaway for some lovely baked Northern goodies from Bakestone (see here if you haven't entered already) and I may have given them a perfect 5/5 score when I reviewed them (here), but even so, I can't help but wrinkle my nose up at the thought of Yorkshire Pudding ice cream ! That said, I do love peach cobbler with ice cream and I suppose that's very similar to Yorkshire Pudding batter so maybe it tastes better than it sounds. Although I've just had a closer look and it's got gravy in it too !?!! Hmm. Not sure. I'd have to eat it thinking peach cobbler and salty caramel, I think ! Let me know if you're brave enough to give it a try !! Read on for more info :



Taste of Yorkshire in a lick - ice cream producer serves up Yorkshire Pudding ice cream to celebrate Yorkshire Day

A Yorkshire ice cream maker is hoping to help mark Yorkshire Day with the creation a Yorkshire Pudding ice cream flavour.

Award-winning artisan ice cream maker Yummy Yorkshire has created the flavour using traditional Yorkshire Puddings, Gravy and Raspberry Vinegar combined with natural dairy ice cream.

Yummy Yorkshire, which is based near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, says the flavour is ‘a taste of Yorkshire in a lick’.

The Yorkshire Puddings and gravy for the recipe are produced by Yummy Yorkshire’s own chef, Jacqui Rumney, while the raspberry vinegar comes from Yorkshire based gourmet vinegar specialist, Womersley.

Louise Holmes, co-founder of Yummy Yorkshire says: “To celebrate Yorkshire Day we wanted to show our appreciation of the county in the way we know best – through ice cream.

“The flavour sounds like it shouldn’t work but it does. The Yorkshire Pudding is made up of batter that is actually very similar to a pancake mix so it combines well with the sweetness of the ice cream. The gravy adds a saltiness which is balanced out by the raspberry vinegar - we added this in recognition of the long-forgotten tradition of serving Yorkshire pudding as a starter in this way.

“The resulting ice cream has had a very mixed reaction from customers - some love it and some absolutely hate it. It’s a mess with your mind ice cream! We hope that people come and give it a try though – who knows, it may become a new staple in the Yorkshire diet!”

It is the second year that Yummy Yorkshire has produced the unusual ice cream flavour. Last year the ice cream producer served up a four course ice cream menu in celebration of Yorkshire Day which featured the Yorkshire Pudding ice cream as the ‘starter course’. Further flavours on the menu included Green Pea ice cream, Beef & Horseradish and Old Yorkshire Trifle, based on a customer’s 70 year old recipe.

The Yorkshire Pudding flavour will go on sale on Saturday, July 30, for a limited time only and is available to buy from Yummy Yorkshire’s farm and ice cream parlour priced at £1.60 per scoop. The flavour will also be available to buy at a special ‘Yorkshire Day’ event that Yummy Yorkshire is attending, hosted by Wentbridge House Hotel.The luxury hotel, based in Wentbridge near Pontefract, is holding the event in celebration of everything that is Yorkshire - from demonstrations by chefs that include Tim Bilton and Stephanie Moon who will be showcasing local produce, to talented artisan producers and plenty of activities including archery, birds of prey display and much more (please see editor’s notes for a full list of activities).

A BBQ lunch and afternoon tea are will also be served on the day in the hotel’s restaurant (it is advisable to book afternoon tea). Wentbridge’s chosen charity for the event is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Yummy Yorkshire is located on the edge of the Pennines between Huddersfield and Penistone. For directions visit

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  1. No, not brave enough to try it. The trifle one sounds lovely though.

  2. im a yorkshire lass but this does not appeal!


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