Monday 18 July 2011

Persil 2-in-1 with Comfort review

A little while ago, I was asked if I'd like to try out the new Persil 2-in-1 with Comfort, described as a “new detergent, offering the cleaning performance of Persil with the softness and delicate fragrance of Comfort, to help you pass on the love to children's clothes and soft toys”. I love the idea of two big brand leaders coming together to create one fabulous new product so I said I'd love to review it. A few days later, the postman dropped off not only a bottle of the new laundry liquid but also a cute, fluffy soft toy to test it on !

I already regularly use Persil and Comfort separately so I came to this product with very high expectations, both for the stain-removing power but also for the freshness and softness of the clothes. In a house filled with three kids who love nothing better than going to the park and getting filthy (not to mention our legendary arts and crafts sessions, as you saw here !), you never have long to wait before you can boot up a new load of laundry so I headed straight off to the washing machine to try it out.

As I opened the bottle, I discovered the lovely Passion Flower fragrance, which is fresh, floral and mood-lifting. You just need to pour one capful (35ml) into the dispenser drawer, or if you prefer you can use a dosing ball inside the machine. This fragrance filled the whole upstairs as the wash cycle advanced and the laundry was transferred to the tumble drier. Sophie, whose bedroom is in the loft conversion directly above the laundry area, came downstairs and asked what the nice smell was !

As I folded the dried clothes, I could instantly see that they felt and smelt just as soft and lovely as when I use two separate products. I love the fact that this 2-in-1 product takes up less space in the laundry cupboard and avoids having to lug two heavy bottles back from the shops. It's Small & Mighty laundry liquid which – in keeping with Persil's Cleaner Planet Plan - is also better for the environment, using half the water to make it, half the packaging and half the lorries to deliver it.

I haven't needed to wash any toys so far but I have put all of our bedding through the wash so that we can make the most of the lovely Passion Flower scent and freshness. I also can't wait to try out the other fragrance available, Sunshiny Days, too. With the current wet weather, it might be the perfect thing for giving us a taste of summer !

Star rating : 5/5
RRP : available in 18, 23 and 25 wash packs, in powder, liquid and liquid capsules – prices start from £6.15
for more information :

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  1. I really like the sound of this product. Thanks for the review, I will definitely try it out!

  2. Sounds lovely, I love it when your clothes smell gorgeous and feel all soft. Although I do find these products rather expensive I think they definitely work better than the cheaper shop own brands and are worth it!


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