Tuesday 19 July 2011

Heinz Squeeze & Stir - Rich instant cup soup - review

Heinz are just about to launch a brand new cup soup product and we were excited here at The Madhouse to be given a special sneak preview. I have to say, I've been pleasantly surprised. Now, I have nothing against soup – it's a lovely, healthy, low-calorie and often nutrient-packed warming meal and with the way this summer's going, it will be replacing salads on the menu before long because it's looking more autumnal than summery out there at the moment ! But I've never been convinced by powdered soup, and even less so by instant powdered cup soups. In my experience, however long you stir, you always get a yucky gritty bit at the bottom of the cup that hasn't dissolved properly and the flavours don't pack much of a punch.

Well, you won't get a powdery bit at the bottom of the new Heinz cup soups because they're not made with powder, they come in a little tube of puree. You squeeze the contents of the sachet into a mug (like the funky one kindly supplied with my samples by the lovely people at Heinz), add 50ml of boiling water to cover the paste and stir, then add a further 130ml of boiling water, stir and enjoy.

The Squeeze and Stir soups come in four varieties – Cream of Tomato (the nation's number one choice apparently), Minestrone, Mediterranean Vegetable and Cream of Tomato with Basil. I hope to see Cream of Mushroom and Chicken Soup added to that list in time for winter, because if you don't like tomato-based soups, you don't get many options !

The soups contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, are low in fat and – unlike other cup soups on the market – provide one of your five-a-day, which is great news. Heinz say : “Offering great taste and full of goodness, our new range of Heinz Squeeze & Stir Soups are leading the way when it comes to a new type of cup soup. We're confident that consumers will not only love the thick velvety texture and delicious flavours but also the fact that because it's a puree, not a powder, each one gives you 1 of your 5 a day. Heinz Squeeze & Stir soups really do provide real soup goodness in an instant.”

You have to forget that these are instant cup soups because they really are nothing like any other cup soups you may have tried in the past. They're absolutely perfect for keeping in your desk drawer for those occasions when you don't have time for lunch and you don't want to fall back on a packet of crisps or a handful of biscuits. I tried the minestrone and tomato varieties, which are very nice but not my favourite soup flavours so I'm hoping they'll extend the range. I absolutely love the concept and the texture of the soups though.

Star rating : 4/5

RRP : 59p per sachet

Heinz Squeeze & Stir soups will be available in major retailers from the end of July.

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  1. great idea, look much more appealing than usual cup a soup!

  2. Looks very nice and practical, with the right amount in each serving!

  3. I buy cup soups occasionally, always good to keep in the cupboard. I might give these a go, but the flavours are not the ones I normally buy, I would also like to see a chicken variety.

  4. Quite fancy some of these handy for hard days at work. Only thing is relying on the work kettle to be working!

  5. I'm LITERALLY the biggest Heinz Tomato soup fan ever, always good to see new things from them!

  6. I have tried the tomato version and if this is what is meant to be replacing can versions because of the price of metal then the future looks bleak indeed. In my opinion it tastes nothing like the canned version, also would they not end up being more expensive than the canned version for a weight to weight ratio. Why is that? - Sounds like a weird marketing scam like every other food product thats getting more expensive but also shrinking in size. I recycle my cans so please Heinz just give it to me in a can from now on!

    1. I don't think it's supposed to replace tinned soup, more cup a soup, handy for putting in your bag or office drawer.

    2. I have had packet cuppa soup every day for the past three years and I find these Heinz soups to be almost undrinkable

    3. The above comment regarding these being undrinkable is utter tosh, I cant imagine what the heck the poster is consuming to consider the new sachets so undesirable, Id love to try the soup they are comparing it against if its so wonderful...

      I drink cuppa soup too and these squeeze and stir soups, are just like canned soup, they dont taste powdery like many dried soups, nor over salty, and the trick is not to put too much water in if you like your soup thick, 200ml being the limit for thicker, but I often put about 300ml in mine as I like it a bit thinner most times.

      The only one I don't like from the range is the Tom n Basil, my fave being Minestrone...The only real issue I have with the new sachets, is the price, they are not great value, @59p for a 200ml serving this is almost double the price of some canned soups, and if you are at home you could easily pop a can open and get some in the microwave in almost the same time it takes to get the sachet open and the kettle to boil...

      However, they are quite convenient and taste pretty good, and they do hit the spot when you fancy a thicker soup than the usual powdered soups.

      For me canned, powdered and these concentrated all have a place in my cupboard, I will only buy the concentrate when on offer though...

  7. Tom n Basil I tried and would not buy again as I dont like taste. I'm currently trying Mushroom as I type and I would say the exact same, maybe just slightly better. I am also finding thick globules at the bottom of my cup which kinda puts me off as I didnt really get too much of this using powder. I can understand what Heinz are trying to do but the tastes are a let down so far. Hope the remaining two flavours improve my opinion.

  8. Heinz Minestrone Cup a Soup. I'm 74 now why has it taken me so long to find this drink. Absolutely the best out there.


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