Tuesday 12 July 2011

Nature Valley Gardens to Go Update

As I told you the other day, Nature Valley ran a fun mini-gardens competition on Facebook ...

They've been busy making up the top 50 gardens today ...

and tomorrow ...

they'll be hidden all over the place in secret locations in London ....

and you can go on a treasure hunt and find them !

Watch this space tomorrow for more information and good luck !

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  1. Aww! Mini gardens! How cute they are, really! It's very unusual for me to see these kinds of stuff. How did you make this one successful? Do you also have a website for these cute little things? Well, if you're not selling them, I hope you do 'coz this will surely become a hit! =D

  2. Nature Valley (the granola bars company) ran a competition (see the link in my "other reviews you may be interested in" part) to create virtual mini gardens. The winners' designs have been made up and will be hidden around Londin tomorrow as part of a treasure hunt. If you're in Londin, you may be lucky enough to win one for free :)

  3. They are so cute! I made a mini garden in a margarine tub in junior school. The 'pond' was a patch of tin foil. I think the 'plants' were cress, and the 'grass' was moss! heh he.


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