Sunday 24 July 2011

Trunki ride-on toybox review

Before I was asked to review their fabulous multipurpose toybox, I'd heard a lot about Trunki but the only one of their products that I was aware of was their innovative range of ultra-cute kids' ride-on suitcases. It turns out that they have loads of products in their collection, including cute travel neck pillows called Yondis, SnooziHedz (a compact pillow/blanket combo) and the BoostApak backpack/car seat that you surely can't have missed on The Apprentice. But we were sent one of their new ride-on toyboxes to test out.

Now, I don't know why - if it's the bright colours or the soft plastic or the fact that it's light and easy to push around - but Pierre instantly adopted it and started filling it up with his toys without me saying a word. Wow, I'm already impressed ! The lid is easy to clip open and shut which makes it great for bringing down a box of toys for a playdate or a rainy afternoon before taking it all back upstairs to the bedroom when playtime's over.

But that's just the start ! You can also place the lid underneath with the wheels facing down so that your little one can use it as a cart and push it all around the house. This is great for encouraging them to tidy up when they've caused chaos throughout the whole house (and very little encouragement is actually required because they think it's great fun) but it can also be used for pushing a favourite teddy bear around the room. Once teddy is tired, you can even flip the lid over and transform it into a rocker, ideal for teddy naps !

If you put the lid back on as a lid and turn the toybox upside down, you have a great toddler seat, as discovered by 6-year-old Juliette !

But the really fun part is, you can ride your toybox around the house ! Now, I have to admit, when I heard about the concept of a ride-on toybox, I couldn't really see the point. Why would you want to ? Well, just one look at Juliette and Pierre laughing their heads off and the answer's obvious - because it's great fun ! Pierre doesn't actually like sitting on it because he gets scared (his feet don't touch the floor and he's got nothing to hold on to for balance) but he finds it absolutely hilarious to push his big sister around the room on it ! 
If you buy several Trunki toyboxes, you can even attach them all together to make a really cool train !

Now, I have to say, I've been totally won over by the concept. If space is an issue, either because you live in a small house or because you're travelling or visiting somebody, it's a brilliant spacesaver. If you're off on holiday, you can get the kids to fill up their box of toys, as you usually would, but you won't need to try and fit in a trike or bike as well because the toybox will do the job. Genius !

I initially thought the toybox didn't look very sturdy but it's put up with some pretty rough and tumble play and has been ridden around the table at least fifty times by a 6-year-old and it's still in pristine condition. It's really easy to put the toybox into the different positions too, even for a child, which is great news.

Trunki rhymes with funky but it's also functional, not to mention fun. What more could you ask for ?!

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £19.99

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  1. I love Trunki products! I already have a Trunki suitcase. I am sure I will buy this toy box, so fun (and clever...)

  2. both my kids have trunki suitcases which they love - this looks great! love that you can pull it around the house whilst collecting up all the toys - it never ceases to amaze me how many toys my kids can pull out in such a short time period!!

  3. Another great functional product from Trunki. Trying to limit the amount of toys downstairs this could be the solution

  4. We llllllloooove our Trunki toybox. It's one of those things you don't realise you need until you have one.

  5. These trunki ride-on toybox are perfect for storing toys. Think I'm gonna have to buy at least three of these for my little boys and girls so they can keep their toys after playing.

  6. i was fortunate enough to win a trunki suitcase and toy box
    at first i was a bit disappointed at the size of the toy box, but having said that it gets used more as a ride on and a rocking crib for her dollys so my disappointment soon disolved lol

    im seriously thinking of getting another so i can hook them up into a train :)

  7. Was wondering about buying a trunki ride on toybox, so your review is very helpful.


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