Friday 15 July 2011

Thank You Teacher... Say It With LUSH!

As well as being a mum and a blogger, I am a teacher. And also a Lush addict. Therefore I can only begin to say how fabulous I find this "Thank you teacher" gift idea from Lush. I'll be reviewing some more lovely Lush goodies soon but just so you don't go rushing off to buy chocolates for your kids' teacher, bear this is mind - teachers love Lush too !


With the end of term just a week away, what better way to show your appreciation for your teacher than with a gorgeous gift from LUSH.

The wide range of gifts and products includes something for everyone ranging from individual bath ballistics to ethically wrapped gifts. For the perfect present idea, treat your teacher to the refreshingly citrusy gift Shiny Happy People (£10.50). This bright yellow box of zesty treats includes Happy Hippy shower gel, Up Your Gets emotibomb and Sandstone soap and is sure to bring a smile to any tired teachers face.

Furthermore, receive a free Thank You Teacher Tag for all gift box purchases in-store and online. Say it with Lush and find the perfect way to say Thank You.


Now, you must all sit down and copy 50 times (until the message gets through), "I must buy my thank you teacher gift from Lush" !

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  1. OOOo what a good idea! I really like my sons teacher too!

  2. I am a teacher too and agree- this would make a fabulous gift! As for "...sit down and copy 50 times..."- this made me laugh! :-)

  3. Im sorry but where did this idea come from? Im not wanting to sound horrible, or mean or anything here - but why is it necessary to do this? If your a struggling income parent with 2,3,4 kids in school this must be a nightmare.
    Im sorry but imoo a teacher gets paid to teach, why get rewarded for doing what you are paid to do? I know teachers work hard and Im not putting down what you do and believe me I realise teachers have a lot to contend with but where does this stop? The head teacher, the teacher, then theres the jannie, the dinner lady, etc etc.
    Im glad this daft idea was not in place when my children were at school, parents competing to get bigger and better than little Johnnnys parents who sit next to mine in class or whatever.
    Sorry this is just one of the ideas in todays mad mad world I dont like.

    Ok Elaine...rant over....and breath...

  4. I think this would be great way to say thanyou to a fantastic teacher. I didn't do enough of this to show how appreciated of their work I was.

  5. i love lush products - nice gift for a teacher!

  6. When I was about 6 years old I knitted my teacher a scarf as an end-of-year present (with a lot of help from my nan). I think she would have prefered something from Lush - had it been around all those years ago.


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