Wednesday 27 July 2011

Fill in the infant feeding survey (for mums of under 3's & mums to be) and win prizes !

I've just been contacted by Allegra Strategies, who have been commissioned to carry out the largest research programme in the UK nursery market, and they are looking for views on infant feeding from expecting mums and mums with kids aged 3 years and below. Whether your child is/was/will be breast or bottle-fed, or a mixture of both, please head over and fill out the survey. It will take you about fifteen minutes and to thank you, you will be entered into a prize draw.

But on top of that, the five parenting blogs that send over the most participants will be sent some great prizes to share with their readers. The first question will be "how did you hear about this survey ?" so please select "Blogging Mothers" then "Madhouse Family Reviews/@cherylp59" from the drop-down menu. If I win, you win !

The link to the survey is and if you also leave me a message here to say you've entered from here, it will make it much easier to track.

Thanks in advance and good luck !

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  1. Wow that was the longest survey i have ever done lol fingers crossed for a prize now x @v82chris x

  2. It wouldnt let me - kept repeating the first screen where you entered your name & email @mummylion

  3. All done :) @caroleheidi

  4. bit of a mammoth one but done!! @meetjosmith


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