Saturday 16 July 2011

Priddy Books Let's Go Learning Activity Books review

As you'll know if you follow my blog regularly, I'm one of "Roger's Bloggers" for Priddy Books and we recently reviewed some fabulous picture books (here and here) for them. Well, this time we received some activity books to review - perfect for the summer holidays - and, as you can see, both 9-year-old Sophie and 6-year-old Juliette grabbed them enthusiastically.

Sophie chose "Word Fun", a colourful mix of crosswords, wordsearches, colour match, anagrams, missing letters and many more types of fun word games. The suggested age is 5+ but Sophie had great fun, finding the level just right for the crosswords and wordsearches, although younger children could do many of the easier exercises, such as adding the missing letters to words or tracing the letters over the dots. It covers a wide range of educational themes, including animals, fruit and the human body.

Juliette took "Number Puzzles", a fun book full of sudokus, dot to dots, hide and seek games, counting games and simple sums. The suggested age is 5+ which is spot on. Juliette could work her way through successfully completing all of the activities, which I could see from her face she was really chuffed about. The colourful pages and wide range of simple activities is very appealing to little learners.

Both books also have a double page of over 100 stickers for you to use but the girls were a bit confused because you just stick them wherever you want, whereas they are used to children's magazines and activity books which tell you to find a particular sticker and stick it in a specific place. They haven't dared to use them yet, despite my encouragement, because they are worried of sticking them in the wrong place, but I'm sure they'll have fun and go wild with them once they've finished all the activities !

Juliette also loves the handle which, in her words, "makes it really easy to carry if you want to take it out on a walk with you" (as you do !!). As you can see in the picture, they both sat quietly doing the different activities by themselves, with the odd question or "look mum" as they proudly showed me a page they'd completed. They're absolutely perfect for filling up a rainy afternoon or keeping the kids quiet on long journeys or at the airport when you're going on holiday. They're educational, very reasonably priced but, above all, great fun.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £3.99

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  1. these look brilliant, my daughter is maybe a bit too young but i am sure she would still be interested!


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