Monday 18 July 2011

Our entry for Anorak Magazine's 5th Birthday Competition !

As I told you recently, Anorak Magazine, which started out as a hobby for proud mum Cathy Olmedillas, is going from strength to strength and is about to bring out its fifth anniversary issue, its 20th in total. Borne out of a flash of inspiration and a real gap in the market for a beautifully illustrated and fun magazine for kids five years ago, Cathy set about developing Anorak, which she very aptly refers to as ‘the happy mag for kids’!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, ‘the happy mag’ for kids’ is opening its editorial doors to its loyal little fans: Anorak’s 20th issue, the theme of which is HAPPY, will be made entirely by children! The editorial content will be written out and conceived by Anorak’s ‘little editors,’ a 170-strong team of children from around the world who review books, films and great places. Even the advertising will receive a makeover as regular advertiser Little Fashion Gallery has agreed for their ad to be designed & drawn by children! The cover will be picked as part of a competition I told you about here and the closing date for entries is 30 July 2011 For more information, go to :

Cathy explains :“When we first launched Anorak, we were told that there was no space in the market for a unisex magazine that focused on reading and creativity. Thankfully, we didn’t listen! We are very proud that five years later, we have shown that a decent alternative is possible in this traditionally homogenous & crowded market. We have always treated our audience with the utmost respect and wanted to show our gratitude by involving them in our anniversary edition. Also because, we have always believed that, if kids are given a creative platform and a lot of freedom, they can not only learn but also inspire others.”

Well, I thought I'd share Sophie and Juliette's entries with you and invite you to get involved. It'll keep the kids amused on a depressingly rainy afternoon if nothing else !

"Space Creaturs" !!

and ... errrr .... ohhhh, I see now, now that I've asked Juliette ! It's quite accurate actually ! It's the swimming pool in our hotel in Turkey last year - a big slide leading into the paddling pool, next to the big swimming pool, surrounded by the sand and the waves in the sea. Not entirely sure what the brown and pink bit is but I'm hoping it's not the jacuzzi that was fenced off on the last day because somebody did a huge runny poo in it ! (I didn't know @pinkyaks was in the same hotel as us !!!)

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  1. Oh my, I think your kids drawings are fantastic!!! Wow! :-)


  2. I think they've both done a great job! x

  3. Those are fabulous! How did I miss this post?


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