Saturday 23 July 2011

Ella's Kitchen Single Fruit Squeezy Pouches review

We've tried out various products from the Ella's Kitchen range in the past so we were very excited when asked if we'd like to review their latest product launch - single fruit squeezy pouches. We love fruit pouches here at The Madhouse - Sophie and Juliette have been eating them for years and Pierre has recently started liking them too. It's a great (not to mention mess-free) way of offering a healthy snack when you're out and about or travelling, but even at home, they're perfect for days when your little angel/monster is having a grumpy day (they don't call them the Terrible Twos for nothing !) and doesn't want to eat anything that you offer them on a spoon. The element of fun from slurping straight out of a pouch is normally enough to get around most horrible of blossoming tantrums !

Well, you just have to look at this picture to see how enthusiastic Pierre was about trying them out ! He was desperately trying to climb up the kitchen cupboards to reach them !

Once he'd finally managed to get his hands on a pouch, he sucked away contentedly, doing a little happy dance like Iggle Piggle, until there was not a drop left. I think we can safely say that means he liked it !

Working on the assumption of "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine" and the fact that Pierre keeps pinching her big girl fruit squeezy pouches, Juliette wanted to try the other one, which she happy slurped up in seconds too. She said it was lovely and tasted of real fruit.

I think Juliette's comment says it all actually. Ella's Kitchen have hit the nail on the head. I'd never really thought about it but most squeezy fruit pouches do contain a blend of fruits - often apple or banana for consistency, or maybe to pad it out with cheaper fruit, then top notes of strawberry, blueberries, raspberry or whatever. The advantage of these single fruit pouches is that your child will actually get the real, unmodified flavour of one fruit so their palate will be able to detect the individual tastes and decide what they like, which is great preparation for eating real fruit later on.

The range - ideal for babies aged 4 months + but as you can see from our review, perfectly suited to much older kids too ! - comes in four flavours : mango (the orange pouch), apple (green), banana (yellow) and pear (light green). Each pouch contains 70g which is a bit on the small side for older kids, but perfect for tiny tots. (This is the First Tastes range after all !)

As with all Ella's Kitchen products, I love the fact that you don't even need to check the label. You can let your kids tuck in, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing but 100% fruit goodness in the pouches. That means no added sugar, salt or water, no additives or thickeners, no E numbers or GM, no gluten, wheat, dairy or lactose, no lumps or bits and nothing artificial, just pure, unadulterated, yummy organic food.

And amazingly, the kids can't get enough of it. These pouches have turned into our snack of choice for at the park, rather than having a tantrum every time the ice cream man comes !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : 69p per 70g pouch

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  1. I'm now weaning my son and he loves these although I find the mango one to be a little on the runny side

  2. my kids love these as well - not tried the ellas ones but have tried the plum ones and they love holding them and great that they are fruit so good for them too!


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