Saturday 9 July 2011

A new country is born - South Sudan - and they really need your help

Today sees the birth of a brand new nation, the world’s 193rd country. South Sudan has separated from the north, a change that will see the end of decades of brutal civil war which has left South Sudan devastated, without infrastructure and with some of the worst statistics for children in the world. This is a time of joy for the people of of South Sudan, and yet it will be the worst country in the world to be born into.

Hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese people (over 250,000 so far but UNICEF expects up to 800,000 more) who fled during the war are now returning, crippling the already fragile infrastructure, leaving hospitals unable to treat patients and too few schools to teach the returning children.

UNICEF has operated in Sudan for almost 60 years, having been present in the country throughout decades of conflict. Thanks to UNICEF’s work, in only six years of peace after the signing of the CPA, enrolment of children in school has increased three-fold to over 1.6 million, a figure that continues to rise. Children have also been supported as they leave armed groups and have been helped back into civilian life. Also immunization programmes and bed net distributions have protected over 3.6 million children against measles, malaria, polio and other diseases. Now, at this time of great hope and great need, they are ready to meet the challenges facing children and to spend the money they raise in the most effective way possible – saving lives and building children’s futures.

Children of South Sudan urgently need our help now. This is a time of great hope for the children of South Sudan but also one of immense challenges.

To support UNICEF’s child survival projects in South Sudan text ‘SUDAN’ to 70007 or go to  

Just a few ways in which your donations, however small, could help make a difference :

£5 could vaccinate 13 children against measles

£6.50 is enough to provide special milk for a severely malnourished child for a week (or £15 = more than two weeks)

£10 could provide a vaccine carrier so that health workers can reach children in remote areas

£23 could buy midwifery equipment necessary for the safe delivery of one baby.

£40 could buy a school-in-a-bag of essential school supplies for 40 children and a teacher

£3,700 is the total cost to support ONE former child-soldiers for release, demobilization and reintegration process (2 years)

You'd give a present to a new mum who's just had a baby so let's all make a gift to South Sudan on the birth of their new country!

for more information : 

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