Wednesday 13 July 2011

Our entry for the fabulous Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club craft competition

I've mentioned before that we love arts and crafts here at The Madhouse - in fact, I've just decided to create a "kids crafts" tag (here) so you can find all our crafty posts more easily - so when I saw details of a fab crafty competition on Red Ted Art's brilliant blog, I knew we had to enter. (If you haven't visited it yet, you absolutely must - just click on the badge above or follow Maggy on twitter @RedTedArt).

The competition she blogged about is here and it's right up our street. It's hosted by the Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club website, which is designed to offer loads of things to keep your kids entertained and learn things about the world before, during and after your flight. The competition brief is to read the two stories and make or draw something that represents one of them. As we're off to Turkey at the end of the month, we absolutely had to choose the one based in Antalya as that's right where we're going ! You can read both stories here.

In preparation for our crafty challenge, we had to temporarily stop recycling because almost all of our crafts materials are things that we can find around the house. This time we needed an old box, four water bottles and an egg box !

A can of sparkly gold spray paint and it already looks a bit better !

Juliette didn't like having to wait for it all to dry though !

Time to drag out the family jewels to help her pass the time. All that glitters isn't gold but it will make your kiddy crafts look fab !

Some serious concentration going on here for the cutting and sticking !

Do you think you could actually fit any more sparklies on there, Juliette ?!

Wowee - one very sparkly magic mirror made by Juliette.

And a slightly less bling-bling but still very pretty magic mirror made by Sophie.

Ooh look, the gold paint has dried so it's time to assemble our castle ! Looks a bit more impressive than in the first picture now ! (Just ignore the dribble of PVC glue that I didn't notice when I was taking the photos !)

Two very satisfied little crafters !

I can see you Juliette !

Now, one last element from the story - the Turkish man with the very very big lips !!

A huge thanks to Maggy for giving us a great way of whiling away the afternoon. Now, does anybody know how to get gold spray paint out of your fingernails ?!!

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  1. OH MY WORD!!! You guys are AWESOME! Wow! This is brilliant :-)


  2. LOL Thanks a million for giving us the idea ! It's even better that the story was based in Antalya and that's right where we're going ! The girls are really excited now ! :)

  3. what a fabulous castle, looks like lots of fun was had in the making

  4. @needaphone Utterly brilliant x You are very crafty indeed x

  5. awwww wow! i have to make one of those with my boys :) looks like so much fun, they can make a blue one and il make a pink one ;) hahahaha! xox


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