Wednesday 13 July 2011

Honda UK sponsorship for Channel 4 Documentaries

 2011 is certainly turning out to be a busy year for Honda. You can't have missed their strapline last year on the Channel 4 idents - “Documentaries on 4, sponsored by Honda” - and they're back again this year with a whole new series of short films. The first one aired on 2nd June during the Cutting Edge documentary, 'Bums, Boobs and Botox' on Channel 4, and let's face it - with a title like that, I'm sure there were plenty of people watching ! 


This year's new crop of films, created by Wieden + Kennedy (W+K) London, feature real-life customers who use their Honda products in unique ways. For example Philippa, who you can see in the photo above, and who certainly doesn't look like the sort of person you'd instantly think of when you hear the brandname Honda.

But it gets even better ! Philippa is actually an alpaca breeder and whizzes around her farm in Oxfordshire  on her trusty Honda ATV tending to her animals ! I had to stifle a giggle when I saw the world alpaca actually because - believe it or not - I got spat at by one on Sunday afternoon. (Or it may have been a llama - I'm not sure of the difference !)


On Sunday, the circus came to town (that sounds like the title of an Enid Blyton book that I had when I was a kid !) so I took the girls along as a special treat. The horses, camels and alpacas were tethered up outside the Big Top so we went to have a look after buying the tickets. As I gently stroked the neck of the alpaca, it started making a half-whimpering, half-purring noise, which I assumed meant it liked it so I carried on. Then it proceeded to spit at me, to the utter delight of Sophie and Juliette who squealed "Mummy just got spat on by a llama" and fell on the floor laughing. In fact, when we got back home and Madhouse Daddy Mike asked how the circus had been, that was the very first thing they told him - and peed their pants laughing again ! But I digress !


Philippa isn't the only very lovely but slightly weird and wonderful Honda-owner out there though. There are plenty of others for you to discover, in the idents themselves and - if they tickle your fancy - in greater detail online if you click through using the url show on the film. Each one will feature in a mini-documentary, a range of idents, and extra supporting content online so you can really get to know them throughout the campaign.

But that's not all. Facebook and Twitter activity will accompany all phases of the campaign, getting fans and followers to interact and linking to the online hub at where the documentaries will be available in full, in addition to other films, articles, and interesting stories. There's also a 'Take Part' section, where Honda-owners can upload stories and photographs, documenting the unusual ways in which they use their Honda products. The favourite – chosen by Wieden + Kennedy – will be turned into the final mini-documentary and turned into idents for TV. Go on - what are you waiting for ? Grab your five minutes of fame !

(sponsored - but nevertheless totally honest ! - post) 

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  1. Awww, aren't these Alpaca's sweet? They are so cute! I always think it must be lovely to keep animals but as a committed veggie I couldn't send them off to be slaughtered. So Alpaca's are an ideal animal because their wool is highly prized. I wonder if I can talk 'he who thinks he's the boss' into letting me get some...mind you I do only have a small back garden so it might not be fair on the Alpaca's

  2. These Alpaca's are gorgeous but unfortunately I think my hubby would put his foor down if I suggested we get one of these, we have 5 pets already!


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