Saturday 23 July 2011

Jo Frost’s new series “Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance”

Hands up if you've been watching Jo Frost’s new series “Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance” ! It's on Wednesdays at 8.00pm on Channel 4. The official blurb says :

Britain’s parenting champion is back with series two of Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance and this time she’s promising MORE! Offering more help for more families tackling more parenting issues.

Jo’s on the move with her first ever roadshow, sharing her parenting advice with mums and dads across the country. From large-scale question and answer sessions to intimate one to one conversations inside her specially created home on the road – Jo tackles a wide range of family issues– from the modern teenage obsessions of texting, plastic surgery; to the age old battles with fussy eaters and poor sleepers. With decades of experience, loads of common sense and her straightforward style, Jo teaches parents how to resolve their everyday practical issues as well as dealing with phobias and one boy who wants to be paid to go to school.

And as always she’s ready to roll up her sleeves for those families who need help at home– whether it’s taming a violent six year old, persuading a nine year old to eat his first hot meal, or helping angry kids accept their new step dad, Channel 4’s parenting expert takes on the challenge.

With shocking statistics showing that the average British family spends just 49 minutes a day doing things together, Jo is on a mission to put quality time at the heart of family life. Through a series of surprising tests and experiments she sets out to prove the huge returns for investing a little time. Want your child to be head of the class at maths - read them a bedtime story; want your teenagers more socially confident – eat together at mealtimes; want to help toddlers avoid obesity and diabetes – make sure they know how to hop.

This time Jo Frost is talking to every family and sharing her unique, expert advice.

The series is already halfway through, but if you've missed out so far, here's a quick guide to what you missed in this week's show and what's coming up in the remaining episodes.

Episode 3 (TX 20th July @ 8pm Channel 4) - MADISON & LAYLA

Six-year-old Madison’s mum and dad have sought help from just about everywhere to cope with her furious tantrums and see Jo as their last resort. The couple are separated but live just a few houses apart so Madison ends up screaming two houses down. Is that close proximity something of a mixed blessing?

Bedtime is scary for Layla, so scary that in all of her five years she’s never slept a night in her own bed. She creates such a disturbance that she gets into mum and dad’s bed. With her baby brother already there and her younger sister following her - no-one gets to sleep when it’s five in a bed.

Tackling the everyday problems that affect most parents is at the heart of Jo’s first ever roadshow. She’s dispensing her no-nonsense practical advice on everything from fussy eaters to difficult teenagers. This week she’s wrestling with a parenting generation gap. Dad is 64, mum is 26 and neither can agree on how to parent their children – chaos is the result.

Episode 4 (TX 27th July @ 8pm Channel 4) - TASHAN and DIAAN & GRACE

Young brothers Tashan and Diaan are so unruly that their mum thinks boarding school in India may be the only answer. With a sick husband offering little support, can Jo help rebuild a family and keep the brothers under the family roof.

Permanent scarring on a child frightens every parent but when the child is doing it to herself it’s particularly distressing. Three-year-old Grace picks holes in her face while she sucks her thumb and her parents have tried everything. Jo thinks the solution lies not with Grace herself but her older sister Ella.

Jo continues with her first ever road show, offering her unique brand of no nonsense to all on the top parenting problems families face every day. This week she’s dealing with teenage attitude in a pint-size package and a three-year-olds bad habit that could lead to plaster casts.

Jo believes that to stop problems before they arise families need to spend more quality time together. The fact that 1 in three children spends less time outdoors than a convict demands action. This week Jo wants parents and kids to get active.

Episode 5 (TX 3rd August @ 8pm Channel 4) - JACK, CHLOE and DEMI & COREY

Around a million children are being raised in step-families and it’s not always plain sailing. Jack, Chloe and Demi have big problems with their stepdad and the feeling’s mutual with mum Maria stuck in the middle. With their entire relationship at stake – Jo’s got to produce results fast if these children aren’t to lose another father figure.

Five-year-old Corey has elevated tantrums to an Olympic standard and he practises hard every day. The decibel levels at home are wearing down everyone – but is Corey the worst offender?

Jo’s back on the road giving parents to her straight-talking advice on how to tackle work the familiar problems they face every day. This week on her road show she’s dealing with everything from fussy eating to potty training, new baby jealousy to bullying.

Family quality time is the key to tackling the big parenting problems and the fact that children get just 49 minutes a day doing things with their mums and dads is a call to action for Jo. This week she’s got an after works strategy to help parents give their children what they need.

Episode 6 (TX 10th August @ 8pm Channel 4) - JOSH & OLIVER

Eleven-year-old Josh has a furious temper on a hair-trigger which is turning home life into a battlefield. His relationship with his dad is proving hard for both of them and something has to change. Jo gets to the bottom of the problem and has to persuade both sides to build again from the ground up.

Oliver is a dawn raiding biscuit bandit whose early morning missions disrupt the whole house. Not only are mum and dad are exhausted, but when Jo reveals the dangerous lengths this five year old will go to for treats – it’s time for action.

After helping countless families one home at a time, Jo’s out and about with her first ever roadshow helping parents tackle the everyday problems they face with her brand of no-nonsense, practical advice. This week she’s dealing with the three year old who won’t give up breast-feeding, the trials of sibling rivalry and a fussy eater who showed her family she’s rather starve for six days than give in to a healthier diet.

for more information, previews,  recap on the roadshow tips from the last three episodes and to watch previous episodes on 4oD, go to :

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  1. couldnt help but watch it!

  2. I am loving Jo Frosts new series so much that I have actually bought her new book Jo Frost's Confident Toddler Care which is an extremely easy to read & very encouraging help book full of ALL her techniques. I've only had it a week and have nearly finished it. Would def recommend :)
    @hannahmdy - I follow u on twitter ;)

  3. No frost is my hero if it was not for Ido what I would do when I was about 9 that was tree years ago I was like a couple of those kids on he show but when my mom was about to give up she gave me one last chance to clean up my act so I watched one of her shows and I could not believe that parents do that to kids and I felt really lucky to not be one of those kids and lucky to have a mom and dad understanding I was able to clean up my act and now me my younger. Brother and sister and mom and dad r closer together but wih a little more tweaks we cod one of the best family's in America we that's what I think THANK U JO FROST U R MY HERO


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