Friday 22 July 2011

Nature Valley Have Been Busy Lately !

First they did a fab blogger giveaway where some of you lucky people managed to grab one of these lovely Nature Valley boxes containing two packs of yummy bars right here on my blog. I've taken off the widget now because it's all finished but I blogged about it here and some of you tweeted and left messages to say you were enjoying them !

Then the postie dropped off a WHOLE BOX full of Nature Valley bars, which Juliette was very impressed about, as you can see !! I would have loved to have offered these as prizes on my blog but the postage would have ruined me so the girls have been having great fun giving them out to the neighbours and their friends and their mums at the park !

Then they did a great creative competition (which I told you about here) on Facebook inviting us all to make virtual miniature gardens ...

... which they had great fun making up into real life miniature gardens (photos here if you missed that blogpost) ...

... and hid them all over London, tweeting people clues so they could go out treasure hunting and find them !

Finders keepers ! The lucky people who found them got to take them home with them. 

I would have loved one of these on our patio !

The Tubes even got in on the act, thanks to Anna Garforth's funky artwork.

But this is my fave pic of the day !

I wonder what else the lovely people at Nature Valley have got up their sleeves to keep us entertained, as well as happily munching on their lovely bars, over the coming months. Whatever it is, I'll be sure to keep you all posted !

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