Thursday 21 July 2011

Garofalo La Giostra dei Bambini Children's Pasta review and recipe competition

Here at The Madhouse, we discovered and reviewed Garofalo pasta (here) last year so when I was offered the chance to receive some of their children's pasta to try out, I jumped at the chance. It's a really high quality, authentic, Italian pasta, which is organic and made with only the finest durum wheat, and they've kept the same premium quality for their children's range. The only thing that changes is the shape.

We received two bags from the range, Dischi Volante – Flying Saucers - on the left and the ultra cute Pazzielle – meaning Little Toys - on the right. There are two other varieties available, Motori - Car Engines and Anistelle - Moons and Stars.

We immediately got down to business, with 6-year-old Juliette helping me out in the kitchen, to make Cheesy Rainbow Pasta Bake. Some frozen veg in one saucepan (our was a mixture of carrot, broccoli, sweetcorn and peas, but you can use any variety you like) and the Garofalo pasta in the other. (Usually I'd add the pasta to the boiling water but as Juliette wanted to help, I thought it would be safer for her to put the pasta in a dry pan and I'd add the boiling water straight from the kettle out of reach of little fingers !)

13 minutes later, the pasta shapes are al dente - still perfectly formed and tooth-tender - so it's time to mix in some crème fraîche, chopped ham and the drained cooked vegetables. Then have fun mixing it all up with an enormous spoon, which looks like a giant's spoon in Juliette's little hand ! You might like to season it with salt and pepper and even some herbes de Provence and a shake of chilli flakes, if you so desire.

Transfer the whole lot into an ovenproof dish (our one has got Italian pasta names around the edges which is very apt !) and sprinkle lots and lots of grated cheese over the top. Then it's into the oven until Madhouse Daddy Mike arrives home for lunch, about half an hour later.

Yum, hurry up Daddy - we're hungry and it's ready ! 

Juliette proudly tucks in and can't wait to tell her Dad that she made lunch today all by herself !

It got a huge thumbs up from little brother Pierre and big sister Sophie too - who even managed to spot dogs, cows, Father Christmases, werewolves and kangaroos in the pasta shapes. Oh, to have a child's imagination !

If I've inspired you to get busy in the kitchen with the kids, or if you just want to try out Garofalo children's pasta for yourselves, make sure you head over to the Garofalo website and click on the "win a fantastic holiday in Sorrento" link. If you promise to cook up a lovely recipe, they'll even send you a free pack to use - but hurry up, the closing date is the 29th July !

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  1. nom, nom. Lara loved cooking with her Garofalo pasta too.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you, my free packet arrived this morning... now thinking of what to make


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