Saturday 23 July 2011

Look what we made ! : Toffee Apple Muffin

Last week, I reviewed the fabulous Brownies, Bars & Goodies Galore recipe book by Jo McAuley (here) and I predicted that it wouldn't be long before we were tempted into making one of the delicious-sounding treats inside. Well, sure enough, today we made Toffee Apple Muffin. This is one of the recipes in the book that doesn't have an accompanying photo so I went into it blind, having no idea how it would or should turn out.


First Sophie peeled, cored and sliced the apples (using the totally funky apple corer/slicer from Oxo Good Grip that we reviewed here absolutely ages ago and are still using on a very regular basis).

Meanwhile, Juliette poured out all the dry ingredients - flour, caster sugar and brown sugar - using our measuring cups which are really handy when using American recipes.

The flour was a bit lumpy so needed sifting - much to the girls' delight ! Time to get the big sieve out !

Time to mix up the sugar, cinnamon, yoghurt, egg and flour to coat the apples in.

Pouring the gloopy mixture over the apple slices, it reminded me a bit of a cross between peach cobbler and apple crumble.

Sophie proudly shows off her handiwork while Juliette is busy licking out the bowl !

Twenty minutes later - looking good !

As you can see, the apple wedges go soft but stay whole and the topping is a kind of light sponge that goes crispy on the top and edges. It's best eaten when it's cooled down a bit as the caramel gooes really gooey and sticky when it's lukewarm.

Totally delicious - and the recipe suggests you could even serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Even bigger yum !

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  1. What an amazing book, I think this would go down very well in my household

  2. looks lovely - the book looks great too!

  3. shame you havent put up quantities cos I would have tried this egg/wheat/gluten and dairy free...just for the pure hell of trying it cos it sounds yummy.

  4. I purposely didn't post the whole recipe with quantities because I'm not sure what the copyright rules are when you use a recipe from a book, but I've asked the publishers so we'll see what they say !

  5. I just love these recipes. What a great way to keep my 5 little ones entertained and full at the same time.


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