Tuesday 12 July 2011

Morphy Richards Accents Jug Kettle review

As a House Proud Innovator, I'm really being spoiled by Morphy Richards. I've already reviewed a fabulous Flavour Savour Slow Cooker (here), the innovative Shirt Master Ironing Board (here) and Comfigrip iron (here) and this time, they sent me a lovely new toaster (more about that in my next review) and kettle to try out. I even got to choose the colour !

The kettle - from the Accents range, which also comes in green or blue - has a lovely sleek, rounded design which looks lovely on the worktop. When it first arrived, I kept pushing the button at the top of the handle to turn it on but this is in fact the button for opening the lid. Although it's so easy to fill the kettle from the tap directly through the wide spout that I don't actually need to use it much. The on-off button is actually the one at the bottom.

 One feature I really love is the backlit water level level indicator that makes it really easy to see how much water you've got in there, especially once it's got a bit grubby !

Another feature that I paid no attention to until Madhouse Daddy Mike, who happens to be left-handed, pointed out is that as it's on a round base, you can use it with the handle pointing to the left or right which makes it much easier and more comfortable for left-handed people. And there was me thinking it was made that way just because it looks pretty !

Something I didn't even notice to begin with is the clever limescale filter in the spout (which is another reason it's best to fill it directly through the spout without opening the lid). Even after just a couple of week's use, there is already a slight build-up of trapped limescale which shows it's doing its job and protecting the element from getting furred up.

The kettle turns itself off when it's boiled, which is pretty much standard, but also has a handy automatic cut-out if you ever accidentally turn it on with no water in it.

It comes with a one year guarantee, which is doubled up to a two-year guarantee if you register the product online within 28 days of purchase. (Which is good to know because, let's face it, who ever reads the small print ?!)

 It also holds more than my old kettle (8 cups, however much that is !) and it seems much quieter and faster too, which is logical as it has a "3kW Rapid Boil" icon on the front of the box. But the best part of all is that it goes really well with our red Dolce Gusto coffee machine !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £39.99

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