Friday 8 July 2011

Bed and Bathtime Advice from Boots Baby & Mini Club Half Price Sale

First of all, I wanted to give you a quick heads-up about the Boots Mini Club Sale which looks like a great place to nab some bargains and refresh your kids' summer wardrobes. Secondly, some bed and bathtime - both frequent sources of stress for new parents - advice from Boots Baby.


Snap up a bargain in the mini club summer sale at Boots : Save up to 50% on selected lines!

Great news, parents can afford to stock up on children’s summer fashion at Boots, as you can now save up to 50% on selected lines in the mini club range. So your little ones can look and feel great this summer, at fabulously low prices.

The mini club collection offers cool comfortable styles for children aged 0 - 6 years old. The range consists of contemporary clothes, which allow your children the freedom to sleep, crawl, run, play, grow and enjoy life.

To take advantage of this great offer, pop into one of the larger Boots stores to see the styles available.



Boots can help make bed and bath time special for you and your little one at every stage of your journey through motherhood

No matter what your baby’s age, bath time is a special part of the day when you and your baby get a real chance to bond. From gently sponge bathing your newborn to splashing around with your toddler, Boots has a range of products that can help make bath time fun and exciting during your journey through motherhood. Once your little one is bathed and ready for bed, help them get a good night’s sleep with some expert tips from BootsWebMD.

Happy bathing

Gentle sponge baths are perfect for the first few weeks of a newborn’s life. Try Boots Ramer Ultra Soft Baby Sponges (£2.00 for two), which are ultra soft and caring on your baby’s skin.

As newborn skin is especially delicate and can be prone to sensitivity and dryness, the Boots Baby Sensitive range has been developed by Boots Baby skincare experts in consultation with a leading dermatologist, to produce the mildest and gentlest product for your baby's skin. There are some great value products in the range that help to prevent irritation before bedtime. Each product will help to leave skin soft and smooth, and is suitable for all sensitive and dry skin conditions. The products are specially formulated to be 100% colour and fragrance-free, hypo-allegenic and dermatologically tested.

Boots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Head to Toe Wash (£2.05) is a unique 100% soap-free wash, specially designed with a low foaming formula.

As your newborn gets older it is time to try a real bath consider Boots Essentials Baby Bath (£8.20), which is an ergonomically designed specifically manufactured baby bath with safety in mind. For peace of mind, place the Boots Baby and Toddler Bath Mat (£10.21 each) in your bathtub to create a non-slip surface when bathing your little one. Its new longer length is ideal for bathing two children at the same time.

Boots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Bath 400ml (£2.05) is a mild baby bath which is dermatologist and paediatrician approved with added moisturisers, to gently cleanse and care.

To help make bath time fun, try out Boots Fun Animal Sponges (£2.00 each). They are made from a special material that makes them much softer than normal man-made sponges. For both fun and safety, consider the colourful Boots Whale Bath Thermometer (£3.57 each) for monitoring the temperature of your baby's bath water.

No matter what age, Boots Baby Sensitive Conditioning Shampoo 400ml (£2.05) will gently cleanse and care for your baby's hair, leaving it looking soft and shiny, whilst the added moisturisers gently condition and protect a baby's delicate scalp. This unique tearless formulation is especially gentle to the eyes.

If bathing your child before bedtime, help get them ready for sleep with Boots Dreamtime Calming Bath (£1.99). It is pH balanced to gently cleanse delicate skin without drying, leaving your baby's skin soft and clean.

You may also like to try Boots Baby Powder 500g (£2.03), which is ideal for use after bathing to help ensure your baby's skin is left thoroughly dry. Follow with Boots Baby Sensitive Oil 300ml (£2.05) to moisture your baby's delicate skin at any age. It seals in moisture leaving skin soft and smooth and is suitable for use on cradle cap.

To create a comfortable sleeping environment, consider the Boots Essentials Cellular Cot/Cot Bed Blanket (£12.29), which is both soft and warm for ultra comfort at bedtime. They are 100% cotton and available in white, cream and pink.

Help your baby sleep soundly

Getting your little one to sleep can be a lot of work – whether you have a newborn or a young baby, sleep patterns and habits can vary as your child develops. Boots and BootsWebMD have lots of tips and advice to help you on your journey, from managing unpredictable sleep habits, through to establishing healthy sleep patterns.

Top tips for parents of newborns:

• Keep your expectations realistic. Plan for unpredictable, sporadic sleep for your baby – and therefore you – in the first few months

• Don’t try to sleep train your baby yet. It’s too early to let your baby ‘cry it out’. Since it takes three-six months for a baby’s brain to mature enough to establish a regular pattern and to sleep through the night, wait until then to try sleep training

• Never wake a sleeping baby during the night (with a few exceptions, such as a need for extra calories).

Establishing sleep patterns for your baby:

• Regulate your baby’s day-night sleep cycle. As soon as possible, try to teach your baby that "nighttime is for sleep, and daytime is for fun”

• Begin to teach your baby to fall asleep on his/her own, without getting used to (and then becoming dependent on) being held, rocked, fed, etc. The goal is that when your baby wakes in the middle of the night (as most babies do), they will be able to get themselves back to sleep without the need for you to come in and rock, feed, or soothe them.

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