Monday 11 July 2011

Fisher Price Ducky Fun Potty review

When I was asked by Fisher Price if I'd like to review one of their potties, I said yes without a second's hesitation - potty training 2-year-old Pierre is on my to-do list for this summer - but I didn't actually think I'd be overly impressed by a potty. After all, I've reviewed the innovative Pourty potty (here), the My Carry potty (here), what else could they actually come up with when designing a potty ? Well, the answer is - an awful lot !

First of all, the ultra-cute duck design, which instantly appealed to Pierre, as well as the rest of the family. He looks really cheeky and friendly and is a beautiful addition to your little one's nursery/bedroom décor, which you can't say about many potties ! Pierre instantly went to investigate some of the cool design features, such as the removable splash guard (if you've got a little girl it's easy to pull off but if you've got a little boy, I get the feeling it could come in VERY handy !) and the removable orange bowl, which is really easy to empty and clean. He also loves the seat which he can lift up and down, like a real toilet, and which gives him back support unlike most potties so he's happy to sit on it reading a book or playing with his toys, proving how comfortable it is.

But that's just the beginning ! It has an ingenious sytem which means that when two little sensors at the bottom of the potty are covered (in theory with wee or poo but, at the moment, Pierre's having more fun putting his fingers or toys over them !), the duck launches into a jaunty song ! It has four songs and ducky sounds, which is a great way of encouraging your little ones to get potty-trained !

Pierre think it's his new best friend and laid down next to it on the floor, saying "sleep" ! I draw the line at putting it in his bed at night with him though !!

But it just keeps getting better and better - it's also a multipurpose piece of equipment because, when the lid is down, it can be used as a handy step stool, ideal for helping your little ones gain independence for brushing their teeth at the sink or climbing up to use the big toilet. Or just for climbing on to and jumping off, which Pierre also thinks is great fun !

The potty is incredibly sturdy, able to support a maximum weight of 100lbs, so 6-year-old Juliette asked if she could use the duck potty to show Pierre what it is designed for (as opposed to a toy receptacle, musical instrument, chair and sleeping buddy !). She thought it was hilarious and fitted perfectly on it, so this would also be a great item to take on a family camping expedition to avoid midnight runs to the toilet block !

I've never been so enthusiastic about a potty before and can't wait until Pierre actualy starts using it properly !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £32.99

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  1. This is FAB. love the fact it doubles up as a step stool too!

    Great for making potty training fun!

  2. This is SO cute! I love it! Great idea :-)

  3. I love these photos with the duck potty!

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