Monday 14 November 2011

Bananagrams Blogger Battle ! - Challenge #1

Here at The Madhouse, we've been having great fun getting to grips with a new game called Bananagrams. It's a lot like Scrabble but there's no board, no complicated tactics, no boring waiting around for your turn and no scoring. You just get your words down as quickly as you can and have a lot of fun. It's perfect for taking on holiday because it takes up next to no space, you can play a quick game within minutes and you can even play all by yourself.

We're taking part in a fun blogger challenge called the Bananagrams Blogger Battle so it would be great if you could leave me a comment below to help us win !!

The challenge brief was this : "For our first challenge we would like to find out more about you. We want you to have lots of fun creating a crossword based on you and your family. You can use any words that describe your household; your pets’ names, your interests, what you like for dinner, literally anything that gives us a flavour of your life. The only rule is that you have to start by using the word ‘BANANAGRAMS’"

And here's our entry !

If you want to check out the competition,you can go to and look for the ‘Events’ tab, where you will find the Bananagrams Blogger Battle event.  You can also follow the challenge on twitter with the hashtag #bananagramsbloggerbattle.

If you want to buy your own Bananagrams game, you can find it here but watch this space - I'll have a competition coming up next week on my blog where you can win one too. 

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  1. This game sounds really great, I think it would be really good for my family. We love Scrabble!

  2. This game looks fab :)I'll have to try and find it

  3. Look out for my Bananagrams giveaway next week -I've got too many competitions to post at the moment, don't want to overload you all !!

  4. This game is contagious. We have so much fun playing you can play by yourself, with a small group or large group. Small enough to take with you anywhere you go. take it out to eat while waiting for food, take it camping play it at home. Whenever you play it you just can't stop. It is very similar to scrabble but a lot faster. Buy you'll love it.


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